24 Jan 11-25 Vlad Sopov

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Developers Partnered with UNICEF In Blockchain-Based Charity Program

The use of blockchain-based products in global charity programs is on the rise. Now, Ethereum Classic (ETC) labs has announced its partnership with the UNICEF Innovation

Ethereum Classic (ETC) for Africa

Ethereum Classic Labs, the team behind the Ethereum Classic (ETC) cryptocurrency, and the Unicef Innovations Fund will be co-investors in three programs addressing the most pressing problems of modern Africa. 

The first one is OS City's solution to generate tamper-proof records in public procurement, contracting and energy, reducing red tape and corruption. It has been tested successfully in Chile.

Information and connecting

The second project is Prescripto, which is focused on the integrity and safety of personal data. It will be used to authenticate a patient's identity before unlocking their personal medical information.

Finally, the W3 team is building a ‘mesh messaging’ peer-to-peer system used to facilitate the exchange of information between smartphones connected to the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. This can be of great importance for areas with a weak mobile connection.