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Acquire.Fi (ACQ) Makes M&A in Crypto More Inclusive Than Ever Before: Review

Thu, 18/08/2022 - 14:18
Acquire.Fi (ACQ) Makes M&A in Crypto More Inclusive Than Ever Before: Review
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As more and more real world assets are being brought on-chain, new opportunities are getting unlocked for the next generation of investors.

Instant, secure and transparent tokenization mechanisms supercharge Acquire.Fi (ACQ), making it the go-to platform for retail and institutional investors focused on M&A deals and investment pools.

Secure M&A deals and fractionalized ownership for financial freedom in Web3: What is Acquire.Fi (ACQ)?

Introduced in Q1, 2022, Acquire.Fi and its ACQ token are designed to build a framework for more inclusive, democratic, safe and regulatory-compliant investing in tokenized assets. Thus, it champions a seamless TradFi-to-DeFi transition and injects fresh liquidity into various promising products.
Image by Acquire.Fi

Here’s what makes Acquire.Fi’s stack of instruments unique and important for the next phase of global Web3 adoption:

  • One-stop “M&A Marketplace”: crypto investors of various sizes can take part in mergers and acquisitions in a frictionless manner;
  • Acquire.Fi’s investment pools allow low-cap crypto holders to access previously unseen opportunities;
  • Fractionalized ownership tools of Acquire.Fi can leverage NFTs to change the game in crowdfunding campaigns and special purpose acquisition vehicles;
  • Full-scale M&A support from Acquire.Fi addresses all the nuances of due diligence and valuation procedures, even for newbies in blockchain and crypto.

Acquire.Fi’s progress is helmed by a heavy-hitting team of veterans in DeFi, blockchain development, the M&A segment and e-commerce.

What is M&A?

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a specific class of transactions that allow companies, firms, communities and other business entities to be transferred or consolidated with other entities.

In terms of business strategy, M&A deals are designed to allow enterprises to grow or augment their businesses. 

In Web2 economics, M&A deals are typically carried out through special investment firms (investment banks); top tier M&A consultants  are called “bulge bracket banks.”

Why the crypto sphere needs M&A instruments: Opportunities and roadblocks

“Classic” M&A procedures are almost inaccessible to retail investors. They require significant human, financial and organizational resources, high-profile experts, costly KYC/AML/CFT checks, due diligence and so on.

Blockchains, as transparent, low-cost and accessible platforms for everyone, provide a new-gen technical basis for blockchain deals. In this sphere, the concepts of tokenization and fractionalized ownership allow retail investors to purchase a fraction of new companies that emerge as a result of  M&A deals.

M&A deals themselves become more resource-efficient and frictionless with crypto as a technical platform: crypto companies can acquire each other through purchasing large portions of governance or utility tokens.

Acquire.Fi (ACQ) goes live to introduce Web3 instruments for M&A deals

Acquire.Fi (ACQ), a novel platform for M&A deals, fractionalized ownership and assets tokenization, goes live to unlock new opportunities for retail investors and streamline M&A processes for Web3 businesses.


Acquire.Fi goes live to create a holistic “Web3 platform” that bridges the TradFi and DeFi worlds. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) — will be streamlined with a low legal burden thanks to Acquire.Fi’s M&A ecosystem.

For the first time in corporate finance history, Acquire.Fi is going to introduce unpublished deals, confidential M&A alpha, investor matchmaking and buyer support to average investors with low-to-middle deposits.

Acquire.Fi’s investing pools, therefore, change the narrative in portfolio diversification. Fractionalized ownership and yield-bearing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will allow making fractions of companies sellable on third-party marketplaces.

That being said, Acquire.Fi targets building a DeFi/TradFi ecosystem designed to streamline M&A processes and to make them accessible to every investor.

Investment pools

Technically, Acquire.Fi is set to become a first-ever M&A marketplace in the crypto and Web3 segments. To achieve this ambitious goal, Acquire.Fi strives to build a marketplace of investment pools.

Image by Acquire.Fi

With Acquire.Fi’s pools, all investors will have access to  the same opportunities. All users of Acquire.Fi products can leverage acquisitions as wealth building tools.

Investment pools for Acquire.Fi clients will allow them to take part in crowdfunding to acquisitions and fractionalized ownership.

Crypto users will be able to access diverse asset types, risk factors and investment opportunities.

Fractionalized ownership and M&A marketplace

All projects will be displayed on the “marketplace,” the only marketplace of Web3 innovation. All relevant information about the listings will be displayed through the marketplace, i.e., launch date, USP and value proposition details, estimated net profits, team score (assigned by Acquire.Fi’s experts), seller interviews and so on.


Image by Acquire.Fi

Acquire.Fi marketplace will earn revenue in a transparent and predictable model: the marketplace will charge its listed products with a 3% marketplace fee, 3% escrow fee, 6% introducer fee and one-time $500 listing fee.

Acquire.Fi’s NFTs will allow: clients to purchase a fraction of a Web3 company or IP, and immediately list it on a third-party marketplace, including the likes of OpenSea, Rarible and so on. Acquire.Fi is the first-ever marketplace to allow its users to purchase fractions of the next big thing and sell it immediately without bulky legal and financial procedures.

Introducing ACQ, real-world utility and native token of the Acquire.Fi ecosystem

To underpin its economic model, Acquire.Fi introduced its core native utility and governance token, ACQ, on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain as an ERC-20 asset. Its total supply will be capped at 300 million tokens.

Its initial circulating supply will be set at 750,000 tokens. ACQ will be available for investors at $0.0225 (angel phase) to $ 0.09 (public sale phase). The hard cap of its tokensale will be set at $5,062,500.

From the release of the platform, ACQ token staking dashboard will go live. Stakers will be able to leverage exclusive opportunities. Staking 100 ACQ will unlock the way to Tier 1 with basic investment allocation and governance voting rights, while the staking of 42,000 ACQ will allow investors to join the Governance Council, get holding rewards and to list their products with reduced escrow fees and zero listing fees.

Closing thoughts

Acquire.Fi (ACQ) is an ecosystem designed to allow buyers and sellers of Web3 innovation to interact seamlessly. Through fractionalized ownership and crowdfunding, it allows retail investors to take part in M&A deals and various investment campaigns.

Acquire.Fi’s ACQ token is a building block of the protocol’s tokenomics: it acts as a governance and utility token that allows holders to enjoy premium investing opportunities and take part in the platform’s governance procedures.


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