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Willy Woo Predicted New 'DeFi Unicorn': Details

Sat, 01/25/2020 - 14:10
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Vladislav Sopov
It's common for Crypto Twitter influencers to shill early-stage products, but that doesn't work with Willy Woo. His endorsement of new DeFi looks really unusual
Willy Woo Predicted New 'DeFi Unicorn': Details
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On January 23, 2019 Michael Rauchs of Luxembourg-based advisory firm Paradigma asked which blockchain start-up currently looking for funding is the most amazing. Crypto trader and analyst Willy Woo came with a surprising answer.

DeFi is on the march

Seasoned trader named such project and it was Exodus Wallet. According to Willy Woo, the project is going through the Stage A of raising investments.

Exodus Wallet is a DeFi unicorn, according to Willy Woo.
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In particular, Mr. Voo applauded the rapid progress of Exodus Wallet and its efforts in sphere of user experience. Finally he outlined that he very rarely predicts the success of early-stage products publicly.

DeFi: next big thing in blockchain or digital forex?

Decentralized financial applications or DeFi sphere was on everyone's lips in 2019. Typically, this definition refers to a wide circle of dApps that allow users to lend and borrow crypto. Most commonly, the DeFi sector is proclaimed as a possible substitution for classic banking institutions.

By the way, there are some old hands in crypto that are not fascinated by DeFi rise. Yesterday, a debate arouse between Brad Mills, venture investments partner and host of Magic Internet Money podcast, and Erik Voorhees, CEO in Shapeshift.

Mr. Mills mocked DeFi as 'digital forex' while his opponent called this sphere ‘a set of open financial services. Loans. Derivatives. Insurance’. Thus, it need to be mentioned that crypto speakers are very far from consensus on the DeFi role.

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