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Welups — A Decentralized Identity Platform Enhances Single Sign-in With Only 1 KYC Account For all DApps

Thu, 01/27/2022 - 06:52
Welups — A Decentralized Identity Platform Enhances Single Sign-in With Only 1 KYC Account For all DApps
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The Welups Foundation has built a comprehensive Identity Blockchain ecosystem that adheres to the "Decentralize the Web" ideology. Welups ecosystem consists of Decentralized applications (DApps), Coin, Wallet Exchange, Blockchain Identity, Community projects. The strong relationship between these features supports the stability of the ecosystem.

To develop a genuinely decentralized internet, e-commerce, and life services, Welups is the first identity-based platform introduced to the world.

Welups Blockchain (WELUPS) is a WRC-20-based coin, a native cryptocurrency for the Welups platform and ecosystem, and it is completely compatible with TRC-20, ERC-20, and many other blockchain platforms in future. As per data from Welscan, there are 8.98 billion WELUPS in circulation, at the press time.

The coins are available to the general public now via the partner's platforms and exchanges. Voting for super representatives and obtaining rewards are both possible with WELUPS. Moreover, it is possible to elect Super Representatives (WP) by staking the WELUPS in a wallet.

Because of its excellent performance, security, and low on fee, WELUPS has drawn tens of thousands of community developers to engage in creating, implementing, and operating DApps on the blockchain.

Deploying their own decentralized application on the Welups Blockchain is now a simple task for developers to comprehend. Moreover, in order to make it more convenient, a single sign-in with only one KYC account with all DApps within and outside the Welups Blockchain ecosystem has been made possible. Many of these apps are geared toward creating new financial services utilizing various cryptocurrencies.

Developers may design apps that concentrate on building virtual worlds and competing with other users' real-world collections in a decentralized gaming environment. Furthermore, creating an open-source development marketplace, decentralizing developer tools, and integrating crypto-economic systems into present technology are all possible.

About Welups:

Welups is a decentralized Identity Blockchain platform which is completely different from other crypto-blockchain platforms in the world.

Moreover, the platform enhances digital Blockchain Identity, which will be offered to different industries all over the world. Thereby, the risk of fraud and scam will be reduced in all the industries. The platform also contains natively supported DEXs, DeFi platforms in and out of its ecosystem.

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