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Play It Forward DAO: Boosting Rewards For All Players

Fri, 7/01/2022 - 8:00
Play It Forward DAO: Boosting Rewards For All Players
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The Metaverse. A combination of virtual reality, video and augmented reality that enables users the opportunity to create a digital life within a digital space. As the Metaverse continues to grow, it is clear that the floodgates to Play-to-Earn (P2E) have been opened - making play rewarding. The one issue that continues to plague the Metaverse is the risk of bad actors looking to exploit newcomers to the space. 


Looking to establish a more accessible and safer place for newcomers to the P2E scene is vital. Play It Forward (PIF) is one such entity that seeks to make this a reality.

Players First: Securing the Heart of the Metaverse

PIF is building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) tasked with making P2E more accessible to the players that stand to benefit the most from it. To do so, PIF establishes an end-to-end ecosystem that will be Plug-and-Play in the truest of senses. Building an ecosystem where those involved can track their performance across all the games they play, PIF’s ecosystem will also allow players to create immutable profiles that can be utilized to pursue all Metaverse opportunities.

With Game Partners including Axie Infinity, Sipher, Pegaxy, Thetan Arena, and Summoners Arena, PIF started and scaled the PIF Guild - the Tip of the Spear. This part of the DAO is a massive operation that seeks to bring more players into the Metaverse. Clocking in at over 40,000 community members and 3,000 scholars, it is one of the largest guilds in the world and it’s ready to Play. It. Forward.

Augmenting the PIF Guild, PIF has also established the P2E Board - the Platform of the Metaverse. P2E board enables efficient management of guilds and allows even the smallest of guilds to benefit from scalable tools as they grow their communities. Designed to make the Metaverse more accessible, the P2E Board builds an ecosystem where guilds, players and investors can all interact and explore GameFi together

US$6 million to Drive Growth of the Metaverse 

To kick off 2022, PIF is proud to announce the close of its private funding round from renowned investors in the space Kyber Ventures, Signum Capital, UOB Venture, Jump Capital, GBV, LD Capital, Great South Gate, Octava, 975 Capital, Arcane Group, Tokocrypto, AU21, Double Peak, Nxgen, Dweb3, Faculty Group, GSR, SL2, Mintable and notable angels . 

Seeking to democratize the Metaverse, PIF DAO’s objective is not to take a larger piece of the pie, but instead, actually grow the pie and increase rewards for players. Built on fun and opportunity, PIF DAO pushes the Metaverse forward by creating an ecosystem for gamers, by gamers.

Gamers Gateway to Greater Rewards

As the heart of the guild business model relies upon capital to continue growth, PIF DAO intends to be the bridge between sources of capital and users of capital. As the PIF ecosystem grows, capital will be needed to mobilize and enable more users to access the Metaverse and P2E.

By enabling the free flow of capital for all guilds, players, and gamers, PIF DAO aims to grow the ecosystem and Metaverse P2E space from within.

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