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NiftyPlanet to Hold an Exclusive NFT Drop for World-Famous Artist Kiriken Masayo

Tue, 30/11/2021 - 13:18
NiftyPlanet to Hold an Exclusive NFT Drop for World-Famous Artist Kiriken Masayo
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NiftyPlanet, the premier NFT marketplace, is expanding its list of celebrities with an NFT drop from the stellar paper-cutting artist Kiriken Masayo. Users will have the unique opportunity to purchase the world’s first hybrid NFT that has both digital and physical presence.


NiftyPlanet has already proved its serious intentions to become the major player in the NFT market by collaborating with prominent celebrities. The team has no plans to slow down its upward movement and is always looking for new promising drops. Soon, the NiftyPlanet platform will be presenting a huge collaboration with renowned paper-cutting master Kiriken Masayo!

Kiriken’s special gift

The star that is Kiriken Masayo (Fukuda, Masayo) has been shining for 30 years. Day after day she has been improving her paper-cutting skills  and her one-of-kind creations are something she wishes to share with the world. Kiriken has a rare talent for seeing 3 dimensional art while working with 2-dimensional materials. A combination of persistence and creativity helps her to create real masterpieces. Imagine how much dedication it takes to spend 6 months working on one piece of art - truly incredible!

The story of Kiriken Masayo, this extraordinary paper-cutting artist, began in 1991 with the creation of a birthday card for her friend. Who would have thought at the time that this would be the trigger to such a successful career for one of the greatest artists in this genre? 30 years later, Kirikan is a sought-after artist, with a unique and recognizable style. Hundreds of her pieces have been sold to private collections. The artist has held dozens of solo exhibitions in the major galleries of different countries (France, Japan, etc.) and her social accounts are followed by tens of thousands of people around the world. Just take a look at her huge following by going to her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Kiriken Masayo humbly says the following about her craft:

“I’ve liked drawing since I was a child. I started the art of paper-cutting about 30 years ago and have improved my skills through self-study. Using the limitations of one sheet of paper, I inquire ‘how far can we put life into one work’? I’ve been exploring this question over my whole life.”


The Paper Cut master has a personal website that gives general information about the artist. There’s also a store with dozens of works available for purchase. The most expensive one is Octopus, priced at $17,600. All that effort should have a fair price, right? Now the time has come for Kiriken to inject even more value into her masterpieces. Meet the exclusive Kiriken Masayo NFT drop!

Drop info

Recently, Kiriken Masayo partnered with the NiftyPlanet marketplace to bring her best paper-cutting pieces into the digital space in the form of an NFT collection. This is a brand new and exclusive experience for her. No doubt that the Kiriken Masayo NFT drop will also be a one-of-a-kind event. NiftyPlanet users will have the unique chance to participate in one of the first, if not the first, hybrid NFT events in the world.

What do Kiriken’s hybrid NFTs represent?

The NFT drop includes two types of work - digital and hybrid. Perhaps this is an unprecedented case where the buyer receives digital and physical versions of the artist's best creations. Yes, you heard right, hybrid NFTs can exist in two worlds at once! Physical works, of course, can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

More important details about Kiriken Masayo’s NFT drop:

  • Both digital and hybrid NFTs are limited editions.
  • Most of the pieces will be Open editions. Only one, Auction-only piece will be sold, entitling the buyer to order a custom-made, original physical artwork from Kiriken.
  • This custom work will be 100% unique, no copy will ever be made.
  • Kiriken Masayo will sign all the physical art included in hybrid editions and each will carry a serial number that assures Scarcity, Authenticity and Permanent Proof of Ownership.
  • NiftyPlanet is the only place to purchase Kiriken Masayo’s NFTs.

The Kiriken Masayo NFT drop is a rare occasion that lets users get hold of high-quality art objects with real value. The opportunity to compete for the first hybrid NFT makes the race even more exciting. Remember, these works are very rare and they will be difficult to buy on the secondary market. Why risk that and miss out on such a lucky opportunity? Join the Kiriken Masayo NFT drop on NiftyPlanet and grab yourself a masterpiece!

About NiftyPlanet

NiftyPlanet is a brand new NFT marketplace created by artists for artists. It’s fully focused on providing the best user experience, the protection of rights and ultimate accessibility for top creators from all over the world. The NiftyPlanet team effectively collaborates with renowned artists, musicians and creators to help them unveil their masterpieces to a global audience.

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