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Near Base by Supermoon Sets a New Standard for Community Engagement at Paris ECC

Thu, 08/03/2023 - 09:00
Near Base by Supermoon Sets a New Standard for Community Engagement at Paris ECC
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As the curtains draw on the Paris ECC 2023, the NEAR community radiates an electrifying excitement that Near Base by Supermoon has left in its wake. The 4-day event saw Supermoon assemble a vibrant mix of 400 builders, founders, and investors from across the globe for an unrivaled days of creativity, connection, and collaboration. But what was it about Near Base by Supermoon that struck such a chord in the heart of the NEAR community?

Some attribute it to the daily Builders' Breakfasts, a partnership with Bowl & Soul, that kick-started each day with the right blend of nutrition and conversation. After all, a healthy body houses a healthy mind, and this belief resonates with our mission to energize our builders. Others point to the mini hacking sessions with Proximity and MetaPool, encouraging creative problem-solving, camaraderie, and a hands-on approach to innovation and developments on BOS, Near’s Blockchain Operating System.

However, Supermoon's co-founder, Elena Obukhova, insists that it's "all about people, not the place or the activities". True to this sentiment, one of the highlights of Near Base was the open AMA session with Illia Polosukhin, giving builders an invaluable opportunity to engage directly with NEAR's co-founder, ask tough questions and gain insights straight from the source.

And let's not forget the insightful roundtable discussion with Near Digital Collective (NDC). This deep-dive into community governance and the future of NEAR funding has generated buzz and left the community eager for the next steps.

In addition to the builders, founders, and investors, the event saw the participation of several notable guests from NEAR and the Supermoon community, solidifying Near Base as an epicenter of NEAR’s ecosystem engagement. A special shout out to our mini hackathon winners building new projects on BOS. 

The phenomenal success of Near Base Paris ECC 2023 follows the equally impressive NEAR HOUSE AUSTIN and NEAR HOUSE ETH Denver, creating a triumphant trilogy of successful Supermoon events. It's clear that Supermoon’s community-centric approach has struck a chord, creating lasting impressions and fostering invaluable connections within the NEAR ecosystem.

Looking ahead, Supermoon is excited to announce upcoming Near events in various global locations throughout the year. These initiatives aim to attract more builders and founders to NEAR, fostering innovation and accelerating the growth of the NEAR ecosystem.

Finally, Supermoon wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in making this event a resounding success. The unwavering support for such community-focused initiatives is pivotal to advancing collaborations and developments within the Near ecosystem. The moon may wax and wane, but our community's light remains constant, growing brighter with each new event. 

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