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Lossless Aegis: Advanced Web3 Threat Monitoring System Released

Thu, 29/09/2022 - 12:00
Lossless Aegis: Advanced Web3 Threat Monitoring System Released
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Lossless, the creator of the world’s first Web3 exploit mitigation protocol, has just released its latest flagship product. Aegis is an automated threat monitoring system with firewall-like features, capable of preventing smart contract exploits before they happen.


Aegis was designed for Web3 projects that are serious about security risks and want to take preventative measures before threats turn into exploits. With the help of predictive analytics, Aegis introduces an additional layer of blockchain transaction security. It identifies malicious behavior patterns, assigns risk scores, and notifies project teams of possible threats in real time.

Aegis follows a long list of already successful security tools released by Lossless and is the company’s fifth product. Based on the feedback received from private Beta testing, it is currently the most advanced threat monitoring system on the market.

As leaders in Web3 security architecture, Lossless already has a proven track record in protecting the ecosystem from exploits. Most recently, the protocol prevented the theft of 78M of $AAG Tokens in Harmony's Horizon Bridge hack. Aegis is the latest, most advanced system in the lineup of developer tools that help foster a safer and more mature DeFi industry.

Aegis Key Features:

  • Standalone, zero-configuration monitoring capabilities.
  • Real-time, multi-channel notifications of suspicious activity.
  • Flexible product design that covers all smart contract types
  • Dedicated API and web platform to monitor interactions
  • Automated protection and blacklisting features (enabled with integration)

How does Aegis work?

Aegis scans all mined block transactions, utilizing predictive analytics to analyze transaction patterns and identify suspicious addresses. Data on potentially malicious behavior is then pushed both on-chain and off-chain, triggering real-time alerts and user notifications.

Aegis facilitates proactive monitoring of suspicious activity without the need for integration. Any address can subscribe to the Aegis contract and receive on-chain data and metrics directly from it. Users can query our smart contract to receive the associated risk score of an address and make informed security decisions.

Is integration necessary?

Our basic threat monitoring functionalities do not require integration. You can simply paste your smart contract address into the Aegis monitoring dashboard and view all suspicious interactions associated with it. You can also set up custom notifications (via SMS, Slack, Telegram, or Email) to warn you about potentially malicious activity without integrating.

Code integration enables more advanced firewall-like protection and blacklisting features. These active security measures automatically block potential exploits, stop flash-loan attacks, and prevent known malicious actors from interacting with your smart contract.

What is Aegis for?

Aegis is a B2B-oriented product for teams that want to build a reputation for taking security seriously. Aegis is ideal for protecting “mission-critical” smart contracts with high activity and large transaction volumes. Aegis-protected projects also enjoy higher levels of credibility - the Lossless brand reassures the community that their funds are safe.

A small group of selected projects has already field-tested Aegis since receiving private Beta access. These projects include Unicrypt, Bridge Network, BlockWallet, and more.

More about Lossless:

Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Website | Documentation | Github

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