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LEVOGLOBAL - Protects the Rights and Generates Revenue via Blockchain

Tue, 19/10/2021 - 8:23
LEVOGLOBAL - Protects the Rights and Generates Revenue via Blockchain
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The platform (WEXTOWN) allows LEVOIST to advertise before and after the song release via different activities. With the onset of the 4th industrial revolution, content IP is becoming more important globally.


LEVOGLOBAL safeguards the intellectual property rights of worldwide fans and investors who participate in the creation of new assets that can be freely exchanged using distributed ledger technology.

It wants to extend the sharing platform to other sectors such as K-drama and movie rights in the future and has completed practical data verification of worldwide fans and investors through various projects.

In addition, on October 18, 2021, Rogers Holdings Chairman Jim Rogers and Levoist Chairman Kim Jong-hoon and Levoist CEO Byeong-hoon Oh had conversations about Levoist's contents business for 1 hour and 30 minutes and Chairman Jim Rogers showed great interest in Levoist’s IP sharing business.


  • Token: LEVOIST
  • Symbol: LVI
  • ERC20 Token Platform
  • 2,000,000,000 LVI Token Cap

So, when you apply NFT to work, you control the ownership and transaction history of the work. NFT is a certificate. Because blockchain technology is used, it is difficult to find fakes or counterfeit goods, and the owner's right is guaranteed.

This technological feature allows the WeX project's sound source to be revealed on the blockchain, exchanging partial ownership.

The WeX project validates and generates data blocks required for NFT development, such as participant transaction information for sound sources.

Dapps built on Ethereum enjoy the benefits of crypto and blockchain technology. Decentralized apps running on Ethereum always do what they are designed to do. To manage digital assets and develop new financial applications. Also, the financial application may be decentralized, meaning no one organization or person controls it.

Because Ethereum is programmable, developers may create new apps. The blockchain stores the hash value and creation time of each sound source material and transaction history data, decreasing the blockchain's data size and increasing processing speed.

Business Structure

In the case of Related Rights, the right to sound source income is guaranteed for 70 years after publication, and in the case of Copyright, for 70 years after the author's death. Also, music income from outlets like YouTube, concerts, and karaoke is generated.

Hallyu (Korean Wave) music exports topped the total export volume by 11.9 percent. The most popular Hallyu stuff worldwide.

K-Pop has a market share of over 55% in Asia and the Americas and 30-40% in Europe and the Middle East, the most among all genres. The Revoist subsidiary exchange may benefit from Related Rights trading


  • Support for individual sales of Related Rights and Copyright.
  • Taking care of K-pop enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Artist co-ownership and prize sharing (sound source revenue).
  • Jointly owns the artist's sound source rights (performance right).

To put it another way, it allows fans to jointly own and profit from a freshly released sound source that is the artist's emblem.


Smaller agencies have a harder time raising money to release new songs by their performers. Most sound sources are created with the help of lenders or distributors, raising future costs.

The LEVOIST platform can help alleviate this financial strain by covering 100% of the production expenses for new sound source releases (WEXTOWN)

Holders of LVI Tokens get the following advantages when purchasing IP rights through the LEVOIST platform (WEXTOWN)

  • During the pre-open time for any project, only LVI Token may be bought.
  • Buying intellectual property with LVI Tokens outside the pre-open period gets you an extra discount.
  • Other advantages like Goods
  • Provide restricted goods such as artist's signature while utilizing the LEVOIST platform (WEXTOWN) using LVI Token
  • Concerts and fan meetings get priority.

Company details

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