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FrontFanz Is Taking Over The Web3 Scene By Storm

Mon, 18/07/2022 - 7:13
FrontFanz Is Taking Over The Web3 Scene By Storm
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Creators today face many difficult challenges. From problematic and fickle algorithms and overly aggressive, subjective censorship to shadow banning, chargebacks, delayed payments, and de-platforming. Indeed, it’s become very clear that Web2 platforms aren’t equipped to offer fair conditions to content creators.


Enter FrontFanz, a Web3 censorless platform built for creators by creators. Essentially removing third-party involvement, FrontFanz gives total control to creators to express themselves freely through their content. And now, with a rapidly growing fanbase, FrontFanz is becoming a great example of how Web3 platforms can take content creation and consumption to a new level. 

FrontFanz – all you need to know

FrontFanz is a content subscription platform built on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain. People can share their content as well as enjoy content without any fear of scrutiny or censorship. Built by Rosey Sin and Stacey Carlaa, both of whom have over two decades of industry knowledge and experience, FrontFanz aims to benefit and protect both its users and creators as much as possible while providing the best service as well.

Addressing the need for intimate content, FrontFanz was built not just to provide content for its users but also to create a safe space for content creators. A space where they’d be completely safe, accepted, protected, and valued as an important part of the ecosystem. That includes timely payments, no chargebacks, and no interference from third parties – something that similar platforms like Onlyfans face today.

Key advantages of FrontFanz

No more third parties. Web2 platforms like Onlyfans have inherent issues: high bank charges, continuous changes to policies that impact the creator's earnings, high Credit Card chargebacks, and inconsistent payment cycles.  That is – until FrontFanz came out of the shadows.

Zero censorship. No more third-party involvement means no more censorship. Content creators can now truly explore their creativity on a whole new level.

Deeper connection with fans. This platform also offers subscription-based content. With this, fans can interact more with their favorite creators via live streams, NFTs, and digital collectibles.

Blockchain benefits, FANZ token, discounts, and passive income. FrontFanz has a deflationary token, FANZ, which is listed on the Polygon blockchain. The FANZ token has many utilities, such as:

  • Voting Power
  • In-Platform Purchases
  • Staking
  • Platform-Wide Discounts
  • Access to FrontFanz MarketPlace

Nodes also mean passive income. The more FANZ tokens are staked, the more rewards users will receive. Here’s what the transactional fee breakdown looks like:

20% burnt;

30% FrontFanz;

50% to user validating transactions.

FrontFanz growing popularity and token sales

With over 400 creators that have more than 32 million followers collectively and a yearly income in excess of $48 million, it’s no surprise that FrontFanz is gaining momentum throughout the industry. The momentum was clear when the first private sale sold out in just 72 hours. Now, FrontFanz has teamed up with ExMarkets, the market-leading crypto crowdfunding platform, to conduct its 2nd round private sale on the 15 of July. The first public Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) will start on the 20 of July 2022.

Numbers don’t lie, and the growing momentum around FrontFanz is making people excited. So, if you’re interested in participating in the sale, drop a line to, and FrontFanz will come back with more information including Eligibility criteria.

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