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Crypto Is Taking Over, Here’s How to Make the Most of It

Wed, 07/06/2022 - 07:19
Crypto Is Taking Over, Here’s How to Make the Most of It
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Dello is a payment-processing company aimed at making instant cryptocurrency payments risk-free, easy to handle, and widely available to help merchants stay competitive in the era of NFTs and Web 3.0.

MONTREAL, CANADA, JUNE, 2022 — With the growth in popularity of cryptocurrencies, an increasing number of holders are looking for places to spend them. As it turns out, 45% of 18–35-year-olds believe cryptocurrency should be available as a method of payment, not just as an investment vehicle, according to Demystifying Crypto, a report from

Of the companies that have accepted crypto payments from customers, a whopping 82% have attracted buyers who are new to the business, often including new demographics. Despite reports of such success and opportunity, the vast majority of businesses are still not accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Dello seeks to bridge this gap in the market

The company provides a risk-free and accessible solution for businesses of all sizes. Its innovative crypto payment solutions require no technical expertise to operate and don’t require direct handling of cryptocurrencies at all. Dello crypto payments are irreversible, protecting merchants from costly chargebacks associated with traditional payments.

Olivier Benloulou, Dello’s President, believes that it’s on the road to making easy cryptocurrency payments a reality, “We're proud of the partnerships we're making to deliver on our mission to enable easy, everyday crypto payments. Until people have somewhere to spend crypto, widespread crypto adoption is in a holding pattern. We're here to break that pattern.”

Now, more than 15,000 businesses worldwide accept cryptocurrency. These businesses include major corporations such as Microsoft, PayPal, Whole Foods, Etsy, Home Depot, and Starbucks. Smaller companies are also increasingly more likely to capitalize on cryptocurrency’s popularity. In the U.S., a third of small-to-medium-size businesses accept at least one form of cryptocurrency as payment. Still, there's much room for growth in this area as most companies still exclusively use traditional payment methods such as credit and debit. Dello believes this is because many associate cryptocurrencies with increased risks and market volatility.

No Risk for the Merchant

Dello notes that these fears haven't been completely unfounded—at present, cryptocurrency investments come with a high degree of risk: their value is subject to unexpected market changes and some investors face technical issues or loss of funds for reasons as simple as forgetting their account details.

Dello believes that many merchants aren't interested in learning more about the technology behind cryptocurrency, or they simply don't want to deal with the levels of risk inherent to the new form of money. That’s why it has created an array of crypto payment acceptance solutions to remove these risks. Dello offers many benefits to merchants:

  • A user-friendly interface that doesn’t require merchants to understand crypto
  • No chargebacks are possible on crypto payments
  • Instant payments via the Bitcoin Lightning Network
  • Protection against crypto price volatility—charge $100, get $100
  • Cryptocurrency and traditional POS payments on one device
  • Fees that start at 1.25% and scale as low as 0.1% based on transaction size

About Dello

Dello is a FinTech company based in Montreal with a mission to make cryptocurrency payments easy and accessible. Its innovative system enables merchants to accept cryptocurrency without ever having to convert it or handle it directly. The company uses the no-chargebacks approach that is standard for crypto to minimize merchant risks. The company aims to create a win-win scenario where customers can enjoy a wider network of places to spend cryptocurrency while businesses enjoy smooth and risk-free transactions. Any merchants interested in accepting crypto payments through Dello can simply register online and they will receive a response from the company’s sales team within one to two business days. 


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