Blockchain’s elite discusses value of the community in the crypto industry “Renovating the Crypto Community for an Unblocked Future”

Blockchain’s elite discusses value of the community in the crypto industry “Renovating the Crypto Community for an Unblocked Future”


On September 9-10th in Hong Kong, Iskander Events will host the “Unblock Community” conference and blockchain hotspot. Be a part of something revolutionary as we will have a deep dive discussion about  community’s role in the blockchain industry. Speakers will be traveling from around the world to tackle the issues within the blockchain community, blockchain’s role in renovating community and the community value in the industry. All participants will be handpicked, meaning the conference will only be attended by selected members of blockchain  community. We are providing the highest quality content to the world’s most prestigious audience. Do you fit into this category?

Day 1:

A promising compilation of topics targeting the concept of community— what it is, how tokens support and motivate the community, and what is the role of communityin the crypto industry. This section will be led by international experts from respected universities, funds, research laboratories and some top projects.

  • Key speakers of the day include Richard Millington, founder of Feverbee; Will Ruddick, Director of Community Currencies at Bancor; Juwan Lee, founder and CEO of NexChange; Joel John from Outlier Ventures.

Day 2:

Dedicated specifically to practical questions involving community management to improve your tactics in every way imaginable. This discussion will be centered around the instruments, strategies, and communication channels during all project stages: development, pre-sale, ITO, post-ITO. We will cover it all. In this section top consulting agencies, successful project founders, who have passed all four stages, funds representatives and other experts will share the experience valuable for  every developing company

  • Key speakers of the day include Mike Mironov, Head of Partnerships at ICORating; Ish Malik of ICO crowd; Roxana Nasoi of Upwork; Anton Zanimonets, CEO of

Iskander Events
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