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MoveZ Burn-to-Earn Ecosystem Announces Rewards for Sports Enthusiasts

Thu, 05/12/2022 - 16:20
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Vladislav Sopov
Novel retail application is set to make move-to-earn experience for average crypto users more streamlined and profitable
MoveZ Burn-to-Earn Ecosystem Announces Rewards for Sports Enthusiasts
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MoveZ, a novel move-to-earn product, launches to challenge the supremacy of Stepn and Sweatcoin. Curated by award-winning incubator BlueZilla, it is going to introduce the "burn-to-earn" concept to all NFT enthusiasts.

Introducing MoveZ, a deflationary "burn-to-earn" project

As per the official announcement shared by MoveZ, a novel project that addresses the core challenges of the "Move-to-Earn" scene, its design is set to change the narrative in this red-hot segment.

So far, MoveZ is the only deflationary-by-design "Move-to-Earn" project: its upcoming token, therefore, will be scarcer than the cryptocurrencies of the competitors.

MoveZ is set to lower the barrier to entry for cryptocurrency enthusiasts: every user will be able to earn tokens for his/her activity proportionally to the type of NFTs he/she holds.

However, the most interesting aspect of MoveZ is its holistic approach to "Move-to-Earn," known as "Burn-to-Earn." The application will reward users for all types of activity; rewards will be distributed in the form of the favorite token of this or that user.

MoveZ token sale on top-tier launchpads is in the cards

This "killing feature" is in contrast to the designs of competitors' applications that allow users to earn tokens only for a particular type of activity. Unlike them, MoveZ rewards its users for jogging, running, swimming, cycling and more.

The MoveZ vision inspired numerous NFT enthusiasts: its audience on Twitter and Telegram eclipsed 100,000 followers by mid-May 2022. Also, 60,000 users are whitelisted for the upcoming release of its mainnet product.

While 7 of the 20 most profitable IDOs in 2021 were organized by BlueZilla-incubated products, MoveZ is ready to join this elite club.

In the coming weeks, MoveZ token will be offered on BSCPad, MetaVPad, GameZone and PolyPad, four high-performance IDO launchpads.

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