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Fantom’s Healthcare Framework to be Used in Afghanistan

Thu, 11/28/2019 - 15:47
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Vladislav Sopov
Social problems of developing countries are among the most significant use-cases for blockchains. Korean-based start-up Fantom will upgrade Afghanistan’s healthcare.
Fantom’s Healthcare Framework to be Used in Afghanistan
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The Fantom Foundation recently announced a new partnership with the government of Afghanistan. Within its framework, major aspects of the country's public health system will be reconsidered with a blockchain-based approach.

Problems and Solutions

Afghanistan's Ministry of Public Health will utilize Fantom’s smart contract architecture in various crucial public health initiatives. Counterfeit drugs, blockchain-based medical records, and electronic patient records will be the first use cases.

Counterfeit drugs problems remain a great challenge for developing countries in the pharmaceutical industry. In accordance with the official statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), 10% of the medical products in the developing world are substandard or falsified, resulting in higher mortality rates.

With Fantom's blockchain-based supply chain solution, each drug will be marked with a unique hash and recorded on the blockchain. This labeling will provide increased transparency and traceability, enabling the Ministry of Public Health to track pharmaceuticals from the manufacturer to the patient.

Healthcare Information on Blockchain

The next step will be implementing blockchain-based data storage services to the sphere of medical statistics. Today, a patient's medical history is often fragmented with patient sensitive information distributed across multiple hospitals and other healthcare providers. Sharing records between providers can be challenging and ultimately compromise the speed and quality of care.

In accordance with the press-release shared with U.Today, the Fantom Foundation will work with the Public Health Ministry on developing of a single record-keeping solution to serve the people of Afghanistan. 

This collaboration will be the first-ever blockchain-based technology environment deployed by a governmental body in Afghanistan. While many enterprise implementations utilize private or approved blockchains, Fantom is a public blockchain, allowing anyone to see how the data is being transferred and utilized.

It should be pointed out that developing countries are using highly anticipated blockchain solutions because of their accessibility, low costs, and transparency.

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