European Union

Striving to bring about legal regulations in every corner of the digital world, the European Union is on the way to total control over crypto assets.

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Europol Arrests Six Criminals Involved in $27 Mln Bitcoin 'Typosquatting' Scam

💭🕐Binence or Coinbaze? Think twice before entering the URL address of your crypto exchange👆💱
Yuri MolchanYuri Molchan

ECB: Bitcoin Bears No Threat to Europe’s Financial Stability

Europe’s Central Bank has published a document saying that neither Bitcoin, nor any other crypto, are threatening Europe’s financial stability
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IOTA Becomes Founding Member of EU-Based Blockchain Association Along with IBM and SWIFT

IOTA joins forces with other startups and major corporations to boost Blockchain adoption with the help of standardized regulatory guidelines
Jack ThomasJack Thomas

Ripple XRP Price Prediction: European Parliament's Interest in Ripple Can Legitimize Cryptocurrency

Ripple and its XRP token are starting to permeate the thoughts and conversations in the European Parliament, which could spell legitimization for cryptocurrencies.
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IOTA Joins Forces with Denmark's Energy Giant

IOTA will spearhead the process of IoT integration in the Danish energy sector, which aims to accelerate its green energy transition