European Union

Striving to bring about legal regulations in every corner of the digital world, the European Union is on the way to total control over crypto assets.

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Crypto Still Needs Fiat Currencies as Part of Its Backstop: ECB's Benoit Coeure

ECB's Benoit Coeure believes that central bank currencies will remain at the core of the system even with the advent of digital currencies
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Crypto Named One of Main Challenges Affecting Eurozone by Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde believes that digitalization and climate change could affect the way central banks work
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Europol Arrests Six Criminals Involved in $27 Mln Bitcoin 'Typosquatting' Scam

💭🕐Binence or Coinbaze? Think twice before entering the URL address of your crypto exchange👆💱
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ECB: Bitcoin Bears No Threat to Europe’s Financial Stability

Europe’s Central Bank has published a document saying that neither Bitcoin, nor any other crypto, are threatening Europe’s financial stability
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IOTA Becomes Founding Member of EU-Based Blockchain Association Along with IBM and SWIFT

IOTA joins forces with other startups and major corporations to boost Blockchain adoption with the help of standardized regulatory guidelines