CryptoCompare Shoots Off Crypto App Following Community’s Requests

  • Yuri Molchan
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    Global supplier of crypto market data launches a new mobile app

CryptoCompare Shoots Off Crypto App Following Community’s Requests

A new app launched by CryptoCompare claims to allow all interested parties to watch live data on BTC and altcoin rates, access the latest news in the crypto industry and monitor investment portfolios. The creators promise that the app will also provide customers with historical data, graphs and tech analysis of more than 5,000 assets from the main trading platforms.

The app creators say that they are happy to release this product to respond to the requests of their user base which is slightly under one mln people.

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Yuri has worked in crypto since 2017. A translator, quickly became a crypto enthusiast. He has worked for several Telegram channels covering cryptocurrencies. Currently is a news writer, covering crypto and blockchain-related topics.

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