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Another Controversial XRP Statement From Max Keiser: Details

Fri, 23/06/2023 - 13:19
Another Controversial XRP Statement From Max Keiser: Details
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Prominent Bitcoin advocate and BTC advisor to president of El Salvator Nayib Bukele Max Keiser has responded to a tweet by pro-Ripple lawyer John Deaton about Bitcoin and the SEC, adding something about XRP.

This time, however, he did not call XRP a scam or use any similar words when describing it.

"XRP is too centralized," Keiser states

Founder of CryptoLaw.US John Deaton poured criticism on Bitcoin maximalists in a recent tweet. He wrote that while these people claim themselves to be Libertarians, they still support every attack of the SEC against crypto companies or any decision of the regulator that harms everything in the crypto space, except Bitcoin. Deaton pointed that out as an inconsistency. "So many BTC Maxis fancy themselves Libertarians and then applaud or celebrate the massive and gross overreach by the SEC."

To that, Keiser responded that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that is "out of reach of regulators." He believes that XRP is under long-term attack by the SEC because XRP is too centralized to survive in the "conflicted environment where the SEC lives."

Around a month ago, Keiser posted a tweet about XRP, claiming this coin to be a security. That tweet sparked heated discussion in the XRP community.


Three things XRP community looks forward to

An XRP enthusiast with over 112,000 subscribers recently tweeted that the XRP community is currently looking forward to three things happening in relation to the sixth largest crypto, XRP.

The first one is the resolution of the Ripple case in court in the company's favor and the SEC losing. In January, during the World Economic Forum, Ripple chief Brad Garlinghouse stated in an interview that he would expect the judge's verdict to be announced in the first half of 2023.

Besides, recently, the Hinman emails were finally released by the SEC under pressure from the court, and the XRP army now believes that the release of these documents will even make the judge issue the resolution faster. XRP will be qualified as a nonsecurity, the community hopes.

The second thing is XRP reaching new all-time highs spurred by the positive (as expected) decision of the court. Finally, the third thing is that the chair of the SEC Gary Gensler will be sacked from his position.

Recently, some U.S. lawmakers filed a bill that will enable them to have Gensler removed from the chairmanship of the SEC, considering the large number of legal actions against crypto companies that were initiated by the regulator under his command.


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