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Rootstock (RSK) Introduces Digital Collectibles on Bitcoin (BTC) as Carnival NFTs Unveiled at Miami's Bitcoin 2022

Tue, 04/05/2022 - 13:08
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Vladislav Sopov
An eccentric non-fungible tokens initiative, Carnival, will be unveiled at largest Bitcoin-themed event ever
Rootstock (RSK) Introduces Digital Collectibles on Bitcoin (BTC) as Carnival NFTs Unveiled at Miami's Bitcoin 2022
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Rootstock (RSK), a smart contracts platform based on Bitcoin (BTC), is going to demonstrate its NFT-centric opportunities at the largest crypto conference, Bitcoin 2022, in Miami, Florida. A total of 35,000 attendees will be able to see how the ground-beaking NFT collection on Bitcoin (BTC) emerges.

Carnival NFTs will be unveiled in Miami on Bitcoin 2022

According to the official announcement shared by the team of Rootstock (RSK), it is ready to break into the list of top speakers of Bitcoin 2022, an iconic crypto conference that kicks off in Miami on April 6.

The platform is going to unveil Carnival NFT collection, a first-ever mainstream collection of non-fungible tokens launched on top of Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency.

Besides that, between April 6 and April 9, all top-tier DeFi protocols on Bitcoin's RSK will be introduced to attendees of Bitcoin 2022. Money on Chain, Sovryn, Babelfish, Liquality and Bulla Network will demonstrate their latest accomplishments.

RSK co-founder and IOVlabs CEO Diego Zaldivar highlghts that such a representation of the Bitcoin (BTC) DeFi ecosystem opens a new page in the history of the largest blockchain:

In the last two years, we witnessed the meteoric rise of DeFi. New monetary systems (stablecoins) and speculative financial tools (trading engines and AMMs) were built on top of the main blockchain networks but they only serve the needs of speculators. The challenge ahead is how to connect these new decentralized Fintech systems with the needs of the rest of society. That is our challenge at IOVLabs and the reason why we created Rootstock and RIF, building everyday DeFi.

Carnival debuts as the first implementation of the RIF Marketplace engine, i.e., a flagship plug-and-play solution for building marketplaces on Bitcoin-based platforms.

Layer 2 protocol backed by 60% of BTC hashrate: What is Rootstock (RSK)?

Rootstock, or RSK, is a one-stop solution for decentralized applications on Bitcoin (BTC). Through a merged mining algorithm, it allows users to secure operations with 60% of the aggregated Bitcoin (BTC) hashrate.

RSK creaters also released RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF), which is an ecosystem of SDK libraries designed for dApps development on Bitcoin (BTC).

As covered by U.Today previously, Carnival NFTs is a collection of digital artworks created by young Latin American artists. It empowers local style with decentralization and the Web3 ethos.

NFT Marketplace Carnaval Launches on Bitcoin (BTC), Here's How

Its first release, Bitcoin Genesis Drop will include 210 paintings.

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