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NFT Marketplace Carnaval Launches on Bitcoin (BTC), Here's How

Mon, 03/14/2022 - 15:16
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Vladislav Sopov
Rootstock (RSK) and RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) bring NFTs to Bitcoin (BTC) network's unmatched audience
NFT Marketplace Carnaval Launches on Bitcoin (BTC), Here's How
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RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF), an ecosystem designed to make Bitcoin (BTC) a programmable blockchain, announced the first-ever Latin American NFT marketplace on the flagship blockchain.

Carnaval's NFTs come to Bitcoin

According to the official statement by the RSK team, Carnaval, a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), its first digital collectibles drop went live on Bitcoin (BTC).

A total of 210 NFTs by Iberoamerican artists will be released on the marketplace in coming weeks. Some of them are also associated with physical art objects.

Carnaval has already scored a number of partnerships with museums and art galleries across the world to allow early-stage creators to promote their art in the Web3 segment.

Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, IOVLabs CEO and co-founder of RSK, a pioneer of Bitcoin (BTC) adoption in DeFi and NFTs, is excited by the opportunities opened by Carnaval's launch:

Carnaval is one of the most exciting projects in the crypto world today. It combines NFTs, Bitcoin, and the most talented artists of Ibero America under one roof. This venture's aim is also to set together physical and digital art that is highly curated by Carnaval itself and the most respected museums, art collectors, and gallery owners in the world. Carnaval is NFTs 2.0. This is why all those who buy any of the exclusive 210 art pieces from the Bitcoin Genesis Drop at Bitcoin 2022 at the same time will possess a piece of history.

The protocol is supercharged by RIF's marketplace engine, a suite of SDK kits that makes the process of NFT creation straightforward and resource-efficient.

Adding more utility to Digital Gold: What is RSK?

Carnaval co-founder Connie Ansaldi is sure that his product changes the narrative in digital ownership for the decentralized era:

I'm incredibly excited to be part of this game-changing experience: creating new financial tools built on top of NFTs. This is the shaping of Ownership 3.0. The shaping of a legacy of transcendence. And the most beautiful thing is that we are empowering talented artists as well as reaching new audiences for this art.

Two collections are set to go live on Carnaval in early April 2022. Since the inaugural releases, the platform will work in an invitation-only mode.

RSK promotes itself as the most secure smart contracts platform worldwide as its transactions are secured by the Bitcoin (BTC) hashrate. Its dApps can work at the speed of 100 TPS without sacrificing decentralization and attack resistance.

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