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Purpose of Kualian and The Human Side of the Company

Fri, 04/02/2021 - 14:22
Purpose of Kualian and The Human Side of the Company
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The human quality that the Kuailian company shows transcends in many aspects to similar investment platforms since by developing this charity integrated in blockchain it is able to bring light to where there is only darkness and support a large number of charity projects worldwide to improve the quality of life of many people who have neither the means nor the capacity to subsist on their own terms.

How does Kuailian “Purpose” organization work?

Under the motto of “a community of people ready to change the world”, the Kuailian ecosystem takes the responsibility of connecting people for a greater purpose which is to offer a better life for the human beings who need it most. "Purpose" is divided into 2 forms of participation, one of them is through voting and the other through donation. Below we will explain in detail how each of these options work.

  • Vote: This option is available only to Kuailian users who want to support a specific project. At certain times, the project that collects the most votes will be financed with the direct contribution of Kuailian.
  • Donation: it is available to all interested people, not just Kuailian users. Here, by donating ETH (Ethereum) from your own wallet, you will be helping a project in its fundraising phase so that once the cryptocurrencies have been sent, the user can observe the final destination of the funds since they must first change the digital currency to fiat currency and then it will be sent to the selected charity project.

Main benefits of using blockchain and cryptocurrencies to boost “Purpose”

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are presented in this case as a great tool since one of the main problems that arise when sending large amounts of money in aid to charities are the high commissions, this makes the recipient not receive in full the funds allocated. For this reason, the most important aspects of using the blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a basis for improving the world are detailed below.

  1. Cross-border decentralized donations: You can donate from anywhere in the world almost instantly with no restrictions.
  1. Low transaction cost: By having technology that allows you to send large amounts of money at low cost, you can count on the ability to help many more people.
  1. Visible and traceable transactions: So that users have complete control over the destination of their money, use is made of the blockchain explorer in which all transactions are visible to the public.

What is the objective “Purpose”?

One of the main objectives of Kualian is to use blockchain technology to connect people for a higher purpose, in this case it is about offering help in places devoid of all kinds of economic hope. For this reason, the application of crypto-philanthropy has become a highly viable option in which funds can be raised in a much more efficient way in a decentralized way. The Kuailian company vision is summarized in the following points.

  • Execution of a higher purpose: Changing people's lives for the better will always be a noble and positive action.
  • Global impact: In the most remote places where economic development is precarious, there is much to contribute.
  • Access: “Purpose” can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Transparency: Through a chain of visible blocks at all times you can have knowledge of the final destination of the money.

If you are interested in knowing more about this exciting crypto-philanthropy project, you can access its official links and register on its website so that you can contribute your bit and make this a better world.

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