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Polker Announces NFT Giveaway Competition Ahead of Testnet Game Launch

Wed, 11/03/2021 - 15:10
Polker Announces NFT Giveaway Competition Ahead of Testnet Game Launch
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The blockchain gaming platform Polker has introduced an NFT giveaway competition to celebrate the upcoming launch of its Play-to-Earn game. The launch of the gaming platform is anticipated to herald the beginning of the Polker metaverse and expand users to an immersive gaming ecosystem. 

Polker NFT giveaway ends in 24 hours 

Polker shared details about the giveaway launch in a press release, and the competition started on October 26, 2021. Participants can take part by purchasing PKR tokens from PancakeSwap and UniSwap. After which they have to fill in a form with details on the number of tokens bought, TXID, wallet address and a Polygon address to receive NFT rewards. 

The competition rules are straightforward and participants who purchase huge amounts of PKR have a greater chance of winning. Polker will be issuing NFTs as rewards based on different categories. 

The first placed participants will receive a Holo Ultra-Rare NFT. The ultra-rare NFT is part of a unique collection that has sold for as high as 3.3 ETH on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. The second and third place prizes are a Rare NFT, while fourth to 10th place will receive a standard NFT. Polker has also added more prizes and will randomly choose 5 entries using its patent-pending TRNG technology. These lucky entries will receive 3 standard and 2 rare NFTs. In addition, 40 entries will be chosen at random and rewarded with 100 PKR tokens. 

Participants can make multiple entries to increase their chances of winning and have 24 hours to make their entries before the contest closes on November 4 by 11:00 UTC. 

Polker metaverse draws closer 

Polker is taking major steps towards the launch of its gaming metaverse. Built on the Unreal 3D Engine, users will explore an ultra-realistic virtual gaming world and customize their playing experience. 

Users will earn while gaming and receive rewards in PKR tokens when they bet and play their favourite games. In addition, Polker is the first to deploy NFTs reward within its gaming economy, and players can earn NFTs with different attributes. 

These NFTs can be used to unlock special features like bonuses, new game launches, exclusive tournaments and more. To kickstart the metaverse process, Polker will be launching a Play-to-Earn game in November. 

The Play-to-Earn game combines a gaming platform with a financial model that ensures players can generate steady income from gaming. This will be followed by other upgrades including a virtual reality (VR) feature that is expected to be deployed by Q2 2022. 

PKR token is the utility token that gives holders access to features, giveaways and rewards on Polker. The token is multichain and can be bought on several exchanges, including UniSwap, PancakeSwap and BitMart


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