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Mr Mint ($MNT) Public Sale Goes Live on July 1st, 2022

Tue, 5/07/2022 - 7:27
Mr Mint ($MNT) Public Sale Goes Live on July 1st, 2022
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Following the recently concluded private and pre-sales that lasted for three months, Mr Mint officially announces its much-anticipated public sale that is expected to go live on July 1st, 2022.


The public sale has opened to everybody beginning on July 1 and continuing through December. Everyone has the chance to take part in the sale without any time constraints. On June 30, with significant participation from the community, the pre-sale came to an official close.

In addition, Mr Mint’s team wants to make sure that everyone who was unable to take part in the private sale and pre-sale has the chance to acquire the world's first cryptocurrency asset, which is supported by real-world crypto mining and to earn from bitcoin mining as a result of doing so.

Mr Mint is an asset-backed token integrating aspects of state-of-the-art cryptocurrency mining and decentralized storage through Web3.

The majority of participants in the cryptocurrency market are looking for the cheapest and easiest ways to set up a mining rig or even a corporation, which has been constrained by the setup costs and technical know-how. People have become discouraged by their inability to profit from this highly lucrative mining industry.

However, the majority of these major cryptocurrency projects—Bitcoin in particular—use the Proof-of-Work (PoW) mechanism, which consumes a lot of resources that may not be affordable for everyone. This implies that you must have the appropriate tools and knowledge before you can expect to make a reasonable profit from the operation.

Most individuals frequently believe that mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are not meant for them. Not because they lack interest in earning money and benefiting from it. It's just that they don't have any possibility of gaining access to everything they need to succeed in the industry.

All those falling into this group can find hope again thanks to Mr Mint who wants to make sure that everyone is on an equal footing, not just while discussing bitcoin mining, but also when discussing the rewards earned from it. Every one out there is a miner!

Regardless of experience, skills or qualifications, Mr Mint is here to offer a vast network of individuals all over the world the option to earn a consistent passive income from real-world mining for a very low price of just $100.

Missing the public sale yet again is tantamount to missing a life-long opportunity to be among the class of privileged individuals and large industry investors who have been pocketing the proceeds generated from Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining for the past 10 years, and will continue to do so roughly for the next 120 years.

Similar to the private and pre-sales, the public sale offers early entry into the ecosystem before the official public listing, with a very high probability of earning high returns when the market opens. No one can deny that taking part in a cryptocurrency project's pre-sale or public sale is the best thing an investor can do, especially if the project comes with a variety of exciting perks and is supported by a powerful force in the real world that will keep it moving, perpetually.

Mr Mint envisions a  long term plan, and significant, reliable cryptocurrencies are rapidly expanding and developing every day, with the potential for financial gain from mining them.  The world's first and largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is still being mined today, and it has no plans to stop anytime soon. There is still time to take advantage of the opportunity until 2140.

The public sale will take place on the official website -

Everyone can take part in the sale because of how simple it is. You can log in to our website and make the purchase straight from your wallet if you use a personal wallet like Trust Wallet or Metamask. You can create an account, paste the sale's referral link into your wallet, and make the purchase with ease.

Mr Mint isn't a concept, a business, or just another initiative; rather, it's each and every one of us. I am Mr Mint!

About Mr Mint:

Mr Mint (MNT) is a BSC token built to make crypto mining very easy to invest in without requiring any technical expertise, knowledge, or expensive equipment. The project collaborates with strategic crypto mining partners in Australia, the United Kingdom, Iceland, and India, who mine $BTC and other cryptocurrencies with 100% hydroelectric and solar power, focusing on sustainability and efficiency.

The team behind the Mr Mint Project has over a decade of experience in the field. They've been active miners, investors, and traders, and they have a technological background that evolved alongside the domain's rise.

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