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D5 Exchange Binance Livestream With Crypto Projects Attracts 15,000 Viewers

Wed, 03/08/2023 - 14:15
D5 Exchange Binance Livestream With Crypto Projects Attracts 15,000 Viewers
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On March 7 at 20:00 (UTC +8), D5 Exchange held a successful livestream on Binance Live, attracting an impressive 15,000 viewers. Core members of well-known projects in the industry, such as BitKeep, Gridex Protocol, Cobo, and dappOS, took part in the livestream. 

The audience showed their appreciation by leaving over 7,500 messages and 118,500 likes for the event. Taking the form mainly of a Q&A, 1000 USDT and two tickets for the 2023 Paris Blockchain Week were given out as rewards for active participants from the audience.

The main topic of discussion was the comparison between the Order Book model, traditionally seen on centralized exchanges (CEX)s and the automated market mover (AMM) model, traditionally seen on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and the future potential and direction of the DEX ecosystem. The guests provided insightful opinions on the underlying technical principles that support the development of DEXs and the future development direction and potential of the DEX industry. 

After the FTX scandal last year, protecting user assets has become a hot topic in crypto, and more and more traders are realizing that DEXs are a better way to protect assets. However, some significant issues can affect DEXs that use the AMM model, such as impermanent loss, limited order types, and slippage, which has hindered the development of DEXs and the potential for them to go fully mainstream. 

A solution to these issues that was discussed was the development of a revolutionary DEX Order Book Protocol. Gridex Protocol’s self-developed Maker Order Book (GMOB) model, in conjunction with its Grid Price Linear Movement (GPLM) algorithm, significantly reduces resource consumption, enabling it to be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain while keeping gas costs comparable to those of AMMs. This provides users with a CEX-like smooth trading experience while ensuring on-chain transparency of user assets.

The guests expressed their optimsm about the future development of DEXs, and how, with the emergence of new technological innovations, DEXs will be able to attract more users, have a broader range of applications, and truly realize mainstream adoption. 

Each project also shared its plans for the next phase of development. D5 Exchange shared their goals to add users from different countries and regions, grow their market base, work more closely with the Gridex Protocol, and add new features to optimize the user experience for traders.

About D5 Exchange:

D5 Exchange is the first aggregator that combines an order book and an automated market maker to offer traders better rates, low gas fees, and highly incentivized orders. It allows anyone to trade their digital assets and access the best rates from multiple liquidity sources.

One of its most notable features is its fully decentralized and permissionless listings, which means users always control their assets, ensuring security and transparency. Additionally, D5 Exchange's unique algorithm through adopting Gridex Protocol eliminates impermanent loss and slippage, providing traders with a better trading experience.

D5 Exchange also offers low costs and high order fulfillment rates, allowing traders to make low-cost trades and quickly complete their trades. Overall, D5 Exchange provides a seamless and secure decentralized trading experience for users.

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