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Celebrating Five Years of Dutch Blockchain Week 2023: A Decentralized Event Week About Web3, Crypto & Blockchain Technology In The Netherlands

Tue, 10/10/2023 - 11:14
Celebrating Five Years of Dutch Blockchain Week 2023: A Decentralized Event Week About Web3, Crypto & Blockchain Technology In The Netherlands
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The Blockchain Netherlands Foundation (BCNL) is excited to announce the fifth edition of Dutch Blockchain Week (DBW). Scheduled to take place from November 13th to 17th, this year's event builds upon the success of last year, promising more ecosystem events, more partners and more opportunities to explore everything about blockchain. In the previous year, Dutch Blockchain Week 2022 hosted over 30 different ecosystem events and connected over 5,000 individuals throughout the week. If you're interested in a sneak peek of Dutch Blockchain Week events, the Dutch Blockchain Week 2022 aftermovie is now live, giving a small preview of what you can expect! This year DBW23 aims to host 50+ ecosystem events in 15 cities that bring together some of the most involved Dutch organizations in the web3 space. From startups to familiar names like ASML and EY, this year's event will bring together a range of companies showcasing the use cases of blockchain technology in various industries. 


Unveiling Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 

For those unfamiliar with Dutch Blockchain Week 2023, it is a community-driven event week dedicated to making connections, sharing progress, and exploring the landscape of blockchain technology within the Netherlands. Hosted by Blockchain Netherlands Foundation, this event-filled week consists of the BCNL event at the ASML headquarters, a series of ecosystem events organized by the community and strategic partners like EY, Deloitte and Chainanalysis, and the third edition of the highly anticipated Dutch Blockchain Awards. Whether you're a seasoned Web3 veteran or simply curious about Web3, DBW23 extends an open invitation to all, inviting you to immerse yourselves in the world of Web3 over the entire week. 

BCNL Event: Navigating Web 3.0 at the ASML Headquarters 

The main event of DBW23 will be hosted at the ASML headquarters in Veldhoven, next to Eindhoven, a buzzing region known for its thriving ecosystem of innovation and tech-companies. The full-day event will focus on the theme of true enterprise adoption and real-life applications in areas like supply chain management, ID verification, and asset tokenization. It will feature a series of interactive sessions, networking opportunities, and inspiration boosts – all revolving around blockchain technology. 

" It couldn't be out of the question that BCNL is bringing together the entire web3 ecosystem in the world's smartest region – an insanely innovative hotbed – for a full day of web3. We will immerse attendees in interactive conversations and sessions at ASML's beautiful new headquarters. To this end, we have already managed to secure a number of global thought leaders. They will not only guide the audience through the latest technological developments but also share 'lessons learned' from their own organizations regarding implementation and adoption." Jan Scheele

Jan Scheele's words echo throughout the main event's planning, as the organizers look to create an environment that not only educates but also sparks inspiration. With topics like Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), enterprise adoption and the convergence of blockchain with artificial intelligence, the DBW23 main event is set to showcase some of the most interesting developments in the space. The combination of global thought leaders, industry pioneers, and hobbyists alike will undoubtedly ignite excitement among all attendees. 

BCNL Event Speaker Lineup: A Closer Look at This Year's Presenters 

With a carefully selected speaker list, attendees can look forward to engaging in discussions led by some of the industry's top experts. One of the first speakers, notably recognized as a Top 30 Metaverse Industry Leader, is David Palmer. David Palmer sits at the heart of the intersection between blockchain and IoT, serving as the chief product officer of Vodafone’s Digital Asset Broker (DAB). Next up is Menno Broos, spearheading the Project for the Digital Euro at De Nederlandsche Bank. With over 13 years of experience at De Nederlandsche Bank, you can expect some of the most interesting insights and discussions about what to expect regarding the European CBDC narrative. You can also anticipate hearing from Daniel Rood, Head of Google's Digital Natives Incubator (EMEA), at the BCNL event this year. With over a decade of experience in the tech industry, Daniel Rood will share some of his thoughts and experiences in the developments of the web3 space. At the forefront of digital identification is the co-founder of Veri.ID, Sten Reijfers. Topics such as redefining onboarding, credential management, e-signatures with EU digital ID wallets, and more will be discussed! Last but not least is Marjolein Geus who, over her past 30 years in regulations, has helped orchestrate global projects in support of technology innovation like the European Blockchain Sandbox for the European Commission. These industry experts will lead discussions on the forefront of blockchain advancements, while also sharing insights from their respective organizations' journeys of implementing blockchain technology. 

But that's not all – there are openings for more speakers! DBW23 is looking to organize a complete range of perspectives, and there remains open invitation for additional speakers to join the main stage. If you're passionate about shaping the Web3.0 narrative and eager to share your expertise, DBW23 invites you to

consider becoming part of the lineup of speakers. Take this opportunity to contribute your insights to DBW23 and contribute to the ever-changing narrative surrounding web 3.0. 

This Years “Ecosystem” Events 

Ecosystem events sit at the core of DBW23, and are an open-invite for the community to participate throughout the week. This year's ecosystem events will bring a series of events hosted by DBW23 partners like Ernst and Young, as well as other BCNL community suggestions. You can expect a range of types of events from C-level breakfast sessions and hackathons to more casual “borrel” and drinks gatherings. These ecosystem events embody the decentralized nature of DBW23 and invite everyone of the community to collaborate and join the discussion. Stay connected with DBW23 on LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social platforms for real-time updates on this year's upcoming ecosystem events! 

Stay Connected with Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 

Are you ready to take part in one of Europe's largest week-long web 3.0 events? Be a part of the Web 3.0 discussion and secure your spot now with exclusive early-bird tickets, available via this pre-registration link. For the latest updates, speaker announcements, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, follow DBW23 on our social media channels. Don't miss out on this event-filled week from November 13th to 17th and stay tuned for more updates! 

FAQ: Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 

1. What is Dutch Blockchain Week (DBW) 2023? 

Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 (DBW23) is a week-long event organized by the Blockchain Netherlands Foundation (BCNL), dedicated to exploring and showcasing the advancements, trends, and developments in the web 3.0 and blockchain space in the Netherlands. 

2. When and where will Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 take place? 

DBW23 is scheduled to take place from November 13th to 17th. The main event will be hosted at the ASML headquarters in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Ecosystem events will be announced... 

3. What can I expect from Dutch Blockchain Week 2023? 

DBW23 offers a blend of physical, virtual, and hybrid events. It features a flagship main event at ASML headquarters, interactive sessions, networking opportunities, and diverse ecosystem events proposed by the community. Participants can engage in discussions, hands-on workshops, and networking with industry leaders, public figures, and enthusiasts. 

4. Who should come to the Dutch Blockchain Week 2023? 

DBW23 invites a broad range of participants, including industry experts, startups, enterprise representatives, public figures, and anyone curious about web 3.0 and blockchain technology.

5. What is the BCNL event of DBW23? 

The BCNL event of DBW23 will be hosted at the ASML headquarters and revolve around the theme of true enterprise adoption and real-life case uses of blockchain technology. It will feature interactive sessions, networking opportunities, and discussions on topics like enterprise adoption, CBDCs, and the convergence of blockchain with artificial intelligence from industry experts. 

6. Who are some of the speakers at Dutch Blockchain Week 2023? 

DBW23 has organized a selected lineup of speakers, including experts from Vodafone, DNB, Google, Veri.ID, and EUSB. DBW23 is also open to additional speakers joining the main stage to contribute their insights. 

7. How can I stay updated on Dutch Blockchain Week 2023? 

You can follow DBW23 on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and others for real-time updates, speaker announcements, and behind-the-scenes insights. 

8. How do I get tickets for Dutch Blockchain Week 2023? 

You can secure your spot at DBW23 by obtaining exclusive early-bird tickets through the pre-registration link provided in the information. 

9. Can I propose an event or become a speaker at Dutch Blockchain Week 2023? Yes, DBW23 welcomes community involvement. You can propose an ecosystem event or express your interest in becoming a speaker by contacting the organizers. This is an opportunity to shape the web 3.0 narrative and contribute your expertise to the event.

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