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Breakthrough Of CODI Finance In The DeFI Space As It Announces Listing On Raydium

Tue, 02/15/2022 - 15:21
Breakthrough Of CODI Finance In The DeFI Space As It Announces Listing On Raydium
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CODI Finance is glad to announce another significant milestone as its native token” $CODI” listed on Raydium, one of the biggest Solana decentralized exchanges

CODI Finance made another worthy listing on Raydium, following its listing on Coingecko, a cryptocurrency ranking site that provides easy visibility and accessibility to cryptocurrency projects. CODI Finance, which debuted in September 2021, has made significant strides in the Solana ecosystem by providing unique solutions to the Solana ecosystem's pressing needs, such as an IDO launchpad and a lending and borrowing protocol. CODI Finance is an entirely open and decentralized ecosystem consisting of three services: an IDO Launchpad, a DEX, and a decentralized lending and borrowing protocol.

CODI is a Solana-based DeFi ecosystem that aims to transform the current Solana IDO launchpad landscape. CODI Finance intends to use a DAO governance model entirely, with the CODI community running and owning the ecosystem.

The CODI ecosystem intends to launch its first product, a powerful launchpad DEX built on the fast and scalable Solana Blockchain. After that, the CODI community would have the opportunity to invest in the most promising new DeFi projects. CODI's IDO Launchpad acknowledges many DeFi projects on the market today, but there is a "trust barrier" in deciding which DeFi project to invest in. Therefore, CODI has developed a vetting procedure before DeFi products are listed on the launchpad DEX.

Furthermore, CODI Finance plans to launch the first feature of its CODI ecosystem in the coming weeks, with "$CODI" holders soon able to stake their tokens on CODI's platform with incredible APY. Staking is divided into five tiers to give every user an equal chance, and the rewards vary depending on the staking tier. CODI Finance also intends to make "$CODI" more accessible in the cryptocurrency market, with plans to list $CODI on other reputable exchanges in the works.

Staking '$CODI' would allow the CODI community to invest in projects once the IDO CODI launchpad is fully operational.

If you are looking for OTC "$CODI" sales, the CODI Finance team is also open to private deals from retail investors and can be reached at

For more information on this project, please visit, or you can join the community by following their social media channels:




CODI Finance

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