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BIB META Testnet Participation Tutorial, Receive 100,000,000 BIB Tokens

Wed, 14/09/2022 - 12:18
BIB META Testnet Participation Tutorial, Receive 100,000,000 BIB Tokens
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I. Configure BSC test network



To interact in the BSC test network, you need to connect to the corresponding test network and get the corresponding test token. To switch directly to the BSC TestNet network, open the BIB META TestNet ( in Chrome and click Connect Metamask.

If the connection fails, configure Metamask as follows

NetWork Name:BSC Testnet



Currency Symbol:BNB


II. Get the test token


(1) Go to the BIB META website and click on the Faucet page. Tap BNB to jump to the Faucet output page (figure below), enter your BSC address on the page, click “Give Me BNB”, and click OK to successfully receive BNB.


(2) BIB and BUSD can be directly obtained from the META page, after the MetaMask signature is successful, the corresponding test token can then be obtained.

iii. Participated in the BIB META project test

1.Program Schedule

BIB Meta has 3 rounds of testing in total which the first round commences from September 12 to September 16. Each round of testing consists 5 rounds of 2 NFT public sales that are held everyday during the program period at 12:00 and 23:00 (UTC+8), please refer to the public sale page as well as join our social media communities for more updates related to this program.

Note: All accounts along with any forms of assets and benefits will be reset after each round of testing and users will restart fresh upon the next round.

2. Participated in NFT sales of [Li1] Mystery Box

There are 5 rounds of sales in the test network, and the time of each round of NFT sales is different. It is necessary to purchase within the specified period, and the number of participants may be quite large. It is suggested that you adjust your alarm clock.

Each person can buy a maximum of 10 Mystery Box. Enter the purchase quantity and select the payment method (BIB or BUSD), and click OK. After successful purchase, you can go to the "My Superstars" page to view the corresponding NFT mystery box.


3. Opening the mystery box

After the successful purchase of NFT, you can click the profile icon [Li2] in the upper right corner and find the NFT mystery box in the "My Superstars" page. Click Open to open the mystery box and you can play S/A/B/C football stars.

Mystery Box Reveal: Mystery box can be revealed manually after every round of public sale.

E.g. Anna joins the first public sale on September 12, so she has to wait for the end of the round of public sale (September 12, after 21:00) in order to reveal her mystery box manually. While waiting for the reveal time, users may also buy and sell NFTs at the marketplace.


4. Participate in the secondary market trading of NFT

After the mystery box is opened, you can go to the market to buy and sell superstar cards freely. You can choose to buy the superstar card on the marketplace or place a bid on the star card you want, after the successful purchase can be viewed in My Superstars.


Similarly, when you want to sell your superstar player, you can choose to put it on the market or accept an offer. Click "My Superstars" page, select the superstar card you want to sell, input the selling price, click OK, you can list your superstar card for sale.


5. Fusion system

When you have multiple stars of the same type, you can compose higher level star cards. You need to have 5 of the stars of the same type, or have 4 of the stars of the same type and pay a certain amount of BIB/BUSD to compose an advanced star card. If there is no corresponding footballer card, you can go to the marketplace to buy the corresponding superstar card.


6. Creating a community node

Creating a community node requires a star card of 3 stars or higher.

The fusion procedure can refer to the previous fusion system, which needs to fuse a two-star card first, and then use 5 of the star cards of the same style (or 4 of the star cards + BIB tokens) to fuse a three-star card.

After fusing the three-star card, you can click to create the community node, and the community node created can receive the corresponding node income.


7. Feedback

If you find some bugs or errors in the process of testing, you can submit feedback in the gleam form, and there will be a corresponding BIB reward.

 At this point, the whole process has been tested, and it may take a long time to complete the above tasks, but each task can be rewarded with a certain amount of BIB tokens. Don't forget to fill your BSC address in the Gleam after participating the META testnet.

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