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Artex - The Next Art Revolution in Crypto

Fri, 18/03/2022 - 7:59
Artex - The Next Art Revolution in Crypto
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If you haven't heard about artex it is about time! You think NFT’s are cool then you will love to hear about this opportunity. Artex mixes realistic art with crypto so that you can invest in real art works today! 


Since the success of NFT’s in the crypto space, art has been a rising trend and more people came to know about this asset class. Art has been a phenomenal opportunity to make money in the past because art from famous artists will always be rare to obtain.

About Artex

Artex is helping the everyday person by making it an easy and fast experience to purchase their first art piece or just a part of it! Yes, you heard me right, if you don't have enough money to buy a whole art piece, artex lets you buy shares of one. That way everyone can invest and profit from its rise! 

This is done by tokenizing the artpiece so you can buy it like you buy your regular crypto on any other exchange. Right now, they have listed Mustafa Mutlu’s “Decision of Heart” on their own platform. Check it out here. He is a famous Turkish artist who has won several awards already. More listings are on the way in the upcoming weeks. On their platform everything is being traded with their $Artex token. So upon registering on their platform you additionally need to purchase their tokens on either Pancakeswap, ProBit or Bitmart and send it over to your account on the Artex platform.


There are several new features coming to the platform. One of them is  a staking feature for their art tokens that they are currently working on. That way you can not only invest in real art but gaining a passive reward on top of it which is paid out in their $Artex token. Another one is a Metaverse gallery in which you can walk around and see their listed artworks in a 3D fashion. 

In the future there will be auctions of unique NFT’s derived from real art works on their platform as well. These NFT’s will only be listed on the Artex platform but they will be able to be sold like any other NFT on any marketplace like opensea. 

Furthermore, the community awaits a new tier system for upcoming listings on the platform. Depending on that you will be able to buy new listings of artworks at a much cheaper listing price. More information will be dropped in the future. Stay tuned by following their medium blog here and check their telegram here to ask the community or admins directly.

Artex is the first

Investing in Artex is like buying Bitcoin when it came out in its early stages. There are no competitors in the crypto world who are going about art investments the same way Artex is doing it.  Keep in mind, there are a lot of upcoming features being introduced and every single one of them will improve the Artex platform and therefore has the potential to raise the $Artex price. Remember, everything on their platform is being traded with $Artex, so when their token price goes up the value of every art piece goes up with it. The price of $Artex has been relatively stable the last months even with the uncertainty we have in markets right now. Check their current price here. With their business model of introducing realistic art to the crypto market and the astonishing fact that they are the first ones to do it we can expect a big rise in the future. Artex is here to stay and make a name for itself by partnering with galleries and famous artists around the world!

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Artex Contract Address: 0xf1b032e7225d1c9068ce317a956a0e8007591ba0

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