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A Breathtaking Hunting Metaverse: MetaShooter Public Sale on KICK.IO Starting February 28

Mon, 28/02/2022 - 10:00
A Breathtaking Hunting Metaverse: MetaShooter Public Sale on KICK.IO Starting February 28
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NFTs have taken the crypto community by storm.


As market participants have realized the number of applications for ‘Non-fungible tokens’ (used to certify the authenticity of digital assets), many immediately saw $$$ signs. Nevertheless, although the talk often revolves around certifying artwork, there is another field that has natural synergies with NFT technology too - metaverses, i.e., the next generation of gaming. 

On top of this trend is MetaShooter, the first decentralized blockchain-based hunting metaverse that joins millions of gaming enthusiasts in a community to share a realistic (VR compatible) hunting experience. Not only are modern-day hunters invited to compete in tournaments with stunning visuals, but they are also rewarded with NFTs of monetary value by hunting trophies and triumphing against their fellow hunters. 

MetaShooter will be conducting its public sale on KICK.IO. See below for more information.

MetaShooter modernizes the hunting experience, developing new ways old hobbyists and new gamers alike can interact within the metaverse. Players can purchase hunting lands and monetize them, explore the open world, breed NFT dogs,  build hunting towers and many other services for hunters, hunt in exotic environments with stunning visuals and realistic dynamics. By putting its players first, MetaShooter ensures that everyone benefits from RNG-based gameplay, earning passive income from their newly acquired NFT assets.


The Most Breathtaking Play-to-Earn Hunting Metaverse
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Public sale on KICK.IO

MetaShooter’s priority IDO round will kick off on February 28, 14:00 GMT, and will then be opened to the general public on March 3, 14:00 GMT. We have already received many investor enquiries about the project, so be sure to mark the dates!

IDO Details

  • Ticker: MHUNT
  • KYC: No
  • Payment options: ADA, USDT

Priority Public Sale (24 hours before)

  • Price: $0.07
  • Start: February 28 (14:00 GMT)
  • End: March 1 (14:00 GMT)
  • Token lock: 20% TGE, 10% each month
  • Requirement to participate: 10,000 KICK staked in a locked pool
  • Requirement to endorse: 10,000 KICK staked in a locked pool

Public Sale

  • Price: $0.085  
  • Start: March 1 (14:00 GMT)
  • End: March 3 (14:00 GMT)
  • Token lock: 20% TGE, 10% each month
  • Requirement to endorse: 10,000 KICK staked in a locked pool.


KICK.IO is a Cardano-based fundraising platform and project accelerator, designed to provide transparent, efficient, and fully decentralized crowdfunding services. KICK.IO is set to mature into a cornerstone of the new Cardano-dominated DeFi landscape, becoming the place where Cardano’s extensive community can come together to fund projects characterized by the immense potential for future success.

Our next-generation decentralized launchpad will be built according to the best DeFi industry practices, ensuring real-time settlement, top-notch security, interoperability, true decentralization, zero counterparty risk, while also being fully scalable to meet the needs of institutional investors. Unlike our competitors, we offer full support of Cardano native tokens and a suite of advanced DeFi tools that upcoming projects need to thrive and prosper.

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