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Pinkslip Finance to Hold Public Sale on August 25

Thu, 08/19/2021 - 06:49
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Pinkslip Finance, which connects gaming features and DeFi on its new platform, is to hold a public sale and make an Ethereum-based token
Pinkslip Finance to Hold Public Sale on August 25
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Pinkslip Finance is now offering GameFi on its platform through which it connects the gaming aspects with DeFi components.

The platform will use NFT technology and a native token based on the Ethereum network blockchain in an ERC20. Pinkslip has scheduled its public sale for Wednesday, August 25 at 16:00 UTC to raise 500 ETH. 

The Public Sale and Seed Sale Details

After the public sale, the platform will launch the token on Uniswap V2 and provide a 30% initial liquidity from the total they will raise.

When the public sale is complete, and the token launched, users can purchase NTFs, drag race immediately, followed by staking. These functionalities are the core of Pinkslip Finance, and it will start functioning fully. 

For more details on the public sale, check Pinkslip Finance’s Twitter website or join their Telegram.

Dominating the GameFi Sector

Pinkslip Finance developers have designed the project to assist retail investors and mass adoption through its ecosystem. The platform is bringing NFTs, Gaming, and DeFi enthusiasts on one platform. But first, Pinkslip Finance focuses on the new era of GameFi, a combination of gaming and finance.

GameFi is a premature new niche that involves crypto projects having gaming platforms that provide a metaverse. Other platforms that have launched GameFi projects have been successful as the sector is quickly gaining space. 

As the project grows, to reach DeFi and NFTs, which companies launched just the other day, Pinkslip Finance will also increase. Notably, the platform does not see the rest of the GameFi projects as competitors. Instead, it is looking to find its place in the GameFi space and contribute towards it.

Utilizing NFTs on the Platform

To achieve mass adoption, the platform is also utilizing NFT technology. Over the past year, the NFT sector has gained massive adoption to the point where it has earned its section on big crypto data websites such as NFTs are the perfect way to achieve mass adoption because they do not base their operation on experience. They are a fun way to both invest and learn more about the crypto space.

Pinkslip is soon launching its native token on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 having fixed supply. The token will fuel the gaming experience on the platform such that users can make purchases for NFTs. Also, it can cater to DeFi clients where you can earn passive income through staking the Pinkslip Finance tokens.

For NFTs, users can purchase three different types on the platform. The Bronze NFT has a 30% chance of winning the drag race, the silver NFT with a 50% chance, and the Gold NFT with a 70% chance. It, however, doesn’t mean that they can predict the outcome, only that there is a higher chance of winning. is Incubating Pinkslip Finance

Pinkslip Finance recently completed its seeds sale through Pincubator, which is incubating the platform. The seed round was completed in under 24 hours, thanks to the professionalism of the Pincubator. 

For more information about Pincubator and more opportunities, you can also join

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