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Mars4 Metaverse NFTs Sold in Less Than 24 Hours, $250,000 Secured

Mon, 01/17/2022 - 15:16
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Vladislav Sopov
Mars4 ecosystem unveils design of its economic "epochs" and some details of Mars4 tokens use case
Mars4 Metaverse NFTs Sold in Less Than 24 Hours, $250,000 Secured
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Mars4 Metaverse, a unique project that tokenized the surface of Red Planet, shares the statistics of its eye-watering NFT sale. Here's how GameFi segment "early birds" can earn on their virtual land plots.

Mars4 NFTs sold for $250,000, Epoch 1 is running

According to the official announcement shared by the team behind the Mars4 Metaverse, its Mars4 NFTs attracted huge attention from retail investors.

The net volume of NFT sales surpassed $250,000 in just one day. Many seasoned and newbie NFT enthusiasts decided to obtain the status of a "Mars Landlord."

Technically, every Mars4 NFT represents a geographically exact plot of land across the face of the Red Planet. The data for this map was collected by NASA and other top-tier space research agencies. The surface of Mars is released in a 3D image for an immersive exploration experience.

With the first NFTs sold to investors, Mars4 NFT ecosystem introduced an epoch-based system of rewards payouts. Holders who bought Mars4 land NFTs during or before the current epoch (Epoch 1) will receive 51% of the earnings raised by the protocol in the next epoch (e.g., Epoch 2 for participants of the last Mars4 NFT sale).

All rewards will be denominated in Mars4 Tokens or Mars4 Dollars and distributed after the next NFT sale takes place. This system will dominate the tokenomics of the process between Epoch 0 and Epoch 5. It is therefore set to prioritize investors who come to Mars4 Metaverse earlier.

Only tokenholders will survive

As of early Q1, 2022, more than 56,000 NFTs are sold, and only around 3,000 NFTs remain available for investors in Epochs 2-5.
With the maturation of the protocol and its ecosystem, Mars4 NFTs will serve as certificates for virtual locations on Mars.

Together with Mars4 Dollars, the tokens will be included in "survival sets" that will allow their owners to live and earn in a Mars-themed virtual ecosystem.

Mars Land NFTs Released on Ethereum, MARS4 Tokens Listed on Bittrex, Sushiswap

As covered by U.Today previously, Mars4 NFTs went live on Ethereum on Oct. 21, 2021. Its core native asset, Mars4 Dollar, was added to the spot trading suite of CEX major Bittrex and leading decentralized platform SushiSwap.

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