Crypto Exchange BaseFEX Reduces Fees On Derivatives and Perpetual Contracts

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    During the ongoing Bitcoin (BTC) bullish run, many traders have already decided to 'short' their positions. As trading activity increases, the exchanges even reduce fees.

Crypto Exchange BaseFEX Reduces Fees On Derivatives and Perpetual Contracts
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Some crypto exchanges have decided to reconsider their trading fees policy as the Bitcoin (BTC) price has surged 24% this year. It looks like not only spot exchanges but even derivatives platforms now support bullish reversal.

Fees reduced

BaseFEX exchange, which is focused on crypto derivatives and perpetual contracts, has rolled out new fees rules. Now, it charges the taker of liquidity only 0.06%.

High-volume traders are to enjoy even more massive fees reduction. For special categories of traders, even negative rates are offered. This means that the initiator of a trade can be rebated.

Previously, BaseFEX charged its users a 0.07% taker's fee.

Is this a new trend?

This is not the first case in which increased market activity made the exchange team offer a more profitable trading fees structure. In October, 2019 BLADE, a Coinbase-backed derivatives platform, even announced zero-fee trading for some categories of assets.

In the world of classic assets exchanges, Fidelity reduced trading fees to zero. The exchange launched gratis online trades of U.S. stocks and ETFs, eliminating a previous $4.95 charge for such trades.

Have you ever traded with no fees? Tell us in the Comments!

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