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BingX Crypto Ecosystem Launched Spot Grid Copy Trading Module

Tue, 03/29/2022 - 14:00
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Vladislav Sopov
BingX (previously BingBon), a top-tier spot and futures trading ecosystem, advances its copy-trading toolkit
BingX Crypto Ecosystem Launched Spot Grid Copy Trading Module
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BingX, a high-performance cryptocurrencies trading service, enables next-gen copy-trading functionality to advance the market experience and profits of its clients.

BingX adds Grid Copy Trading function: Why is this important?

According to the official announcement shared by BingX representatives, a new instrument - Spot Grid Copy Trading - goes live for all registered clients of BingX. The new feature will be the most flexible and powerful automated tool of the BingX ecosystem.

BingX introduces grid copy trading
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The Spot Grid Copy Trading feature merges the benefits of the copy trading ethos with Grid Trading strategies: it automatically places buy and sell orders within a predetermined range (known as a "grid" among traders). Just like on AMM-powered DEXes, orders are executed automatically once the asset price reaches a certain level.

All implemented copy trading strategies are created by professional traders through strict screening by BingX. Every "mentor" of this copy trading system gets 8% of followers' profits.

Users will be able to choose between various strategies based on investment amounts, past returns, projected annualized returns and other crucial indicators.

Elvisco Carrington, public relations and communications director at BingX, emphasizes the importance of this release for the adoption and the technical progress of his product:

We are very excited to launch our Spot Grid Copy Trading Feature. We've promised to give our users new cutting edge features throughout 2022 and we are doing just that. In an industry where innovation is at its peak, it is crucial for BingX to remain competitive by way of innovation. Both our product and marketing teams have been working tirelessly behind this scene to add more value for traders with the spot trading arena being the epicenter.

Advancing spot trading suite: New cryptos on BingX

The BingX team is also certain that the new function will be very attractive for newbies.

To guarantee an unparalleled trading experience, BingX added a number of red-hot cryptos to its trading suite. Ape Coin, Chainlink, Shakita, STAKE , CVX and IDEX are now available on the platform.

As covered by U.Today previously, BingX (former Bingbon) is a platform that pushes the barriers of social trading. It is focused on building a global framework for interaction between crypto traders from all over the world.

BingX Becomes Officially Regulated Exchange in United States and Canada

To make its crypto experience fully regulated and secure, BingX obtained the necessary licenses from the financial watchdogs of the United States and Canada.

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