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AOZ Introduces Soul NFT Mechanism, Allows Participants to Bring NFTs to Life

Fri, 01/07/2022 - 11:06
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Vladislav Sopov
Digital collectibles ecosystem AOZ launches Soul tokens to allow their customers to inject new life into their NFTs
AOZ Introduces Soul NFT Mechanism, Allows Participants to Bring NFTs to Life
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Age of Z, or AOZ, is a novel NFT-centric metaverse that is designed to commemorate the values and ethos of Generation Z. Now its team implements a cutting-edge feature to make interaction with AOZ non-fungible tokens more immersive and captivating.

Bring SOUL to your NFTs

The AOZ team has announced that it has implemented an eccentric feature in collaboration with Mirrorworld and Metaverz Studio.

Starting from Jan. 6, 2022, every holder of an NFT created using AOZ mechanisms will be able to mint SOUL for his/her characters.

The creators of AOZ describe SOUL as “a dialogue chip powered by artificial intelligence.” At its core, SOUL is an NFT that can be associated with another NFT from the AOZ metaverse. Once integrated with SOUL, a tokenized NFT character from the AOZ world becomes more interactive, immersive and engaging.

To ensure a new-gen experience for all AOZ fans, its team has deployed SOUL tokens with six levels of dialogue.

One of the SOUL creators, Mirror World, is a pioneer of commercialized NFTs powered by artificial intelligence. The first tokens of this type were unveiled by Mirror World in May 2021.

Community-creation feature is on its way to mainnet

SOUL tokens can be claimed in one click starting from Jan. 6, 2022 (8:00 a.m. UTC). Users should visit the official website of Mirror World, select SOUL at the top and click the “Claim” button. Then, Metamask (or any other wallet that works with Ethereum) should be connected to finalize the process of claiming the tokens.

SOUL minting procedure is launched by clicking on the “Confirm” button in the wallet; users are responsible for all minting fees.

Once created, SOUL NFTs can be bound to AOZ NFTs in one click. By clicking the “Bind now” button, users can establish communication between their holdings and the “souls” of tokens.

Starting from Q1, 2022, Age of Z will allow its customers to create derivatives of their characters.

As covered by U.Today previously, the AOZ ecosystem boasts 1993 hand-crafted NFTs.

AOZ NFTs: 1993 Hand-Drawn NFT Collections Focusing on Zoomer Subculture

In a recent public round, AOZ sold its first batch of NFTs in minutes.

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