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Amber Group Expands Into Metaverses, Announces Openverse Infrastructure Platform Release

Wed, 05/11/2022 - 12:15
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Vladislav Sopov
Newest Asian fintech unicorn Amber Group invites Metaverse enthusiasts into its Openverse platform
Amber Group Expands Into Metaverses, Announces Openverse Infrastructure Platform Release
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Amber Group, the cryptocurrency giant behind various B2B and B2C platforms for blockchain services, announces its next phase of expansion into the Metaverses segment.

Amber Group introduces Openverse, a one-stop endpoint to Metaverses scene

According to the official announcement shared by the team of Amber Group, a multi-product cryptocurrency ecosystem, it is going to unveil Openverse, a new-gen Metaverse platform.

The upcoming launch will be a culmination of Amber Group’s expertise in BaaS infrastructure building for cutting-edge crypto projects. Technically, it is set to introduce Web3 instruments for Web2 artists and make Metaverse infrastructure more visible for the general public.

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The creator experience in Openverse will be "out-of-the-box": it is set to deliver the full stack of end-to-end creative and digital infrastructure for creators, brands and businesses.

Amber Group's chief executive officer, Michael Wu, is certain that the Openverse release will be a crucial for streamlining the developer experience in the Metaverse segment:

Digital assets are the first step in realizing a decentralized future where people are empowered to create and connect with online communities, unlocking new digital experiences. While there has been a lot of interest in the metaverse, it remains largely conceptual. With Openverse, we are taking a solid step towards creating this digital reality for all. Backed by our expertise and partnerships within the digital asset ecosystem, Openverse is at the forefront of onboarding businesses and communities into the metaverse, unlocking the true potential of decentralization.

Ecosystem of various digital financial services under single umbrella

The new ecosystem will integrate feature-rich toolkits of Amber Group’s own products: immersive engine, real-time 3D rendering technology and so on.

Since its very first releases, Amber Group’s Openverse will be available for desktop, mobile and VR platforms. This will unlock unmatched opportunities, such as real-time interaction with content and use of in-app NFTs.

Also, Openverse will natively support WhaleFin, a DeFi platform by Amber Group, to ensure resource-efficient operations and straightforward peer-to-peer transfers.

Openverse’s chief executive officer, Jo Xu, is excited by the stack of utilities the new platform comes with:

We are excited to launch Openverse, and convert the possibilities of the metaverse into reality in the next few months. As we develop a gateway for everyone to journey into the metaverse together, we are also building a strong line-up of partnerships with gaming studios, sporting brands, digital artists and creators in an effort to bridge the gap between physical and virtual economies. Not only will this encourage more Web2 users to migrate into the metaverse, it will also herald a new era for digital assets worldwide.

As covered by U.Today previously, Amber Group, together with PleasrDAO, released fractionalized NFTs on the Huobi platform.

Amber Group, PleasrDAO Ready to Launch DOG Fractionalized NFT on Huobi

Its DOG token launch significantly democratized NFT trading for beginners.

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