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Alf Protocol Leverages Solana to Unlock Opportunities of DeFi 3.0

Wed, 01/12/2022 - 15:16
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Vladislav Sopov
Revolutionary protocol shares first sneak peek of its interface for crypto traders and liquidity providers
Alf Protocol Leverages Solana to Unlock Opportunities of DeFi 3.0
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Alf Protocol, a novel decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem for liquidity providing on Solana high-performance blockchain, unveils the details of its graphic interface.

Building ecosystem for Solana's liquidity: What is Alf Protocol?

Alf Protocol is going to change the game in liquidity management on Solana (SOL) with its one-stop dashboard for ф multitude of DeFi instruments. Alf Protocol users will be able to farm yield on their liquidity while tracking all indicators of the protocol in real time. Besides Alf Protocol itself, the dashboard will track the performance of the Solana-based liquidity ecosystem as a whole.

First of all, people will be able to track the amount of total value locked (USD-denominated valuation of all assets locked in various protocols) as well as the total number of borrowers active in Alf Protocol's ecosystem. Besides that, the net volume of assets borrowed will be displayed together with the performance of assets borrowed.

Besides borrowers, Alf Protocol's users will be able to see the number of suppliers, i.e., liquidity providers that injected their money into Solana-based protocols. The ratio between lenders and borrowers is the crucial indicator of liquidity ecosystem health, so with Alf Protocol, all negative processes can be spotted at the beginning.

Last but not least, as with all major DeFi protocols, users can track liquidity pools with the highest annualized percentage yield (APY) rates, popular trading pairs and the aggregated number of positions opened. While browsing through liquidity pools, DeFi enthusiasts can check APY rates, the duration of staking program, deposit/withdrawal fees, the current number of pool participants and so on.

Single dashboard for leveraged (up to 200x!) and non-leveraged options

Another dashboard will provide Alf Protocol users with one-click access to leveraged and non-leveraged farming options. This product is designed to offset the gap between DeFi activists and protocols. For every option, users will see the full set of necessary data, including expected APY, balance, number of participants and so on.

In the leveraged option mode, users will be able to access products with up to 200x leverage. Such impressive leverage is available due to the lightning-fast and resource-efficient character of the Solana (SOL) blockchain. Solana accomplished 65,000 TPS with negligible transaction fees.

Via this dashboard, traders and liquidity providers can monitor their positions, close "unhealthy" offers to maximize gains and prevent portfolio positions from being liquidated.

Right now, the experts at Alf Protocol polish the interface and back-end of the protocol to guarantee seamless trading and a liquidity-providing experience for both crypto newbies and professionals.

As of Q1, 2022, its pre-IDO private sale is open for all blockchain-focused VC investors and business angels.

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