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The Top 20 Cryptocurrency Twitter Accounts: Best Blockchain Profiles to Follow

Thu, 11/29/2018 - 16:24
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Vera Yurina
How to go along with the crypto tides? Check out the 20 best cryptocurrency Twitter accounts, including U.Today
The Top 20 Cryptocurrency Twitter Accounts: Best Blockchain Profiles to Follow
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Crypto enthusiasts, ICOs, companies, investors — seems like everyone related to blockchain has a Twitter account. It’s not a surprise: the social network allows for communicating with the entire world and spreading the word at lightning speed. Want to keep tabs on crypto news, events, and predictions? Here are the 20 top crypto Twitter accounts you should subscribe to right now.

Cointelegraph – one of the top cryptocurrency twitter accounts for news readers

@Cointelegraph has been keeping readers informed about blockchain and crypto since 2013. Following their crypto Twitter account is highly convenient because you can pick up some interesting topics and get redirected to their website.  Cointelegraph covers a wide range of topics and article types: news, reviews, analytics, etc.

Coindesk – an alternative solution

Similarly to Cointelegraph, @coindesk puts a heavy focus on cryptocurrency and trading. If you’re into digital money-making, this channel is a real find. Here, you will learn about the latest crypto news, charts, pro tips, guidelines, prices, and so much more. Coindesk also performs analysis of blockchain technologies.

If such resources as Coindesk and Cointelegraph aren’t enough to satisfy your hunger for crypto information, subscribe to:

  • @BitcoinMagazine;

  • @CoinMarketCap;

  • @CryptoCoinsNews.

Binance – fresh trading info at your fingertips

Aside from being a well-established exchange platform, Binance boasts a very informative and useful news channel. Subscribe to @binance on Twitter, and you will be among the first to know about new coins introduced, upcoming events and partnerships, as well as alerts.

By the way, all well-established cryptocurrency exchanges have Twitter accounts:

  • @coinbase;

  • @bitfinex;

  • @krakenfx;

  • @BithumbOfficial;

  • @Aurora_dao.

Preethi Kasireddy – best female cryptocurrency Twitter account

If you need crypto analysis from an engineering standpoint, discover the account of @iam_preethi, the top Twitterer in this sphere. She is a blockchain engineer who has worked with Coinbase, Goldman Sachs, and a few other companies in the past. Recently, Preethi Kasireddy has launched her own blockchain startup, TruStory.

Richie Etwaru – about blockchain in simple terms

Founder and CEO of (the first organization that’s designed to decentralize human rights using AI, blockchain and quantum computing), @RichieEtwaru explains complex things in layman’s terms. On his channel, you can find a lot of useful information about blockchain and related concepts. Don’t miss his TedTalks — they’re simply genius.

Vitalik Buterin – all about Ethereum and so much more

Ethereum founder, talented programmer, and one of the major blockchain influencers, Vitalik Buterin has a quite popular Twitter account with boatloads of useful information and controversial issues raised. Don’t want to miss a thing about crypto? It’s highly recommended you subscribe to @VitalikButerin.

Vitalik Buterin

Desc: Vitalik Buterin is one of the major blockchain influencers in the crypto world

Alt: Vitalik Buterin’s Twitter account is highly popular among readers

Roger Ver – Altcoin lovers do not disturb

A dedicated and ardent promoter of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, @rogerkver ‏mostly posts news and articles about these two cryptocurrencies. So if you’re also into BTC, this account will surely appeal to you.

Don Tapscott – Speaker, influencer, advisor

Don Tapscott was another person to make money and and establish his name thanks to cryptocurrency. He is a co-founder of The Blockchain Research Institute and a talented speaker who travels around the world educating people on crypto and blockchain possibilities. With over 110,000 Twitter followers, @dtapscott influences both individuals and companies.

John McAfee – Offensive truth about blockchain and money

Although John McAfee is an influencer in the blockchain and IT sphere, his blockchain Twitter account is literally about everything. You might not like opinions expressed by @officialmcafee, but he’s definitely the one whose Twitter posts trigger hot discussions and arguments. Witty, sharp, controversial — it’s all about McAfee’s tweets.

 John McAfee

Desc: McAfee’s Twitter account is jam-packed with provocative and sarcastic posts

Alt: @officialmcafee – the most provocative blockchain Twitter account

Vinny Lingham – Focus on blockchain news & security

Why follow Vinny Lingham Twitter? On his account, you can find everything, starting from links to interesting posts and finishing with polls. Pay particular attention to his podcasts: @VinnyLingham teaches blockchain and cybersecurity.

Tim Draper – The best Twitter oracle

By the way, according to one Twitter poll, Tim Draper is the wisest crypto oracle. If you need a detailed insight into the future and prospects of cryptocurrency, @TimDraper is one of the best crypto Twitter accounts. There, you can read about crypto-related events, predictions, and Drapers’ family themselves.

Pavel Durov – Author of TON ICO

Although @durov’s channel cannot boast high activity on Twitter, there are 1.4 mln followers — more than any other crypto enthusiast can boast. We highly recommend joining them to track the development of the most anticipated ICO — Telegram Open Network (TON).

Ian Balina – Your insight into ICOs

Need an insight into the most perspective ICOs? Follow @DiaryofaMadeMan: he observes a lot of decent projects and provides information about upcoming crypto events. Besides, Ian Balina organizes streams and makes podcasts — links are tweeted as well.

Ed Featherston – Find out how blockchain changes the world

Being the Vice President of Cloud Technology Partners, Ed Featherston has rich technological knowledge backed by decades of experience. If you want to learn how blockchain impacts IoT, cloud technologies, and the world around us, @efeatherston is the best crypto Twitter account to follow.

Laura Shin – Get informed about crypto events & news

Laura Shin is one of a few female crypto enthusiasts who has a truly engaging Twitter account. @laurashin focuses on real-life cryptocurrency applications. Her followers enjoy the latest blockchain and crypto news, videos and podcasts, as well as personal recommendations.

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Erik Voorhees – All blockchain matters discussed

The founder and CEO of ShapeShift, Erik Voorhees has a popular Twitter account: over 300,000 readers appreciate his posts about crypto, trading, cyber security, and other pressing matters of the blockchain. Follow @ErikVoorhees to improve your general knowledge of blockchain and discover a few interesting facts about crypto.

Suppoman – One of the best crypto Twitter accounts for ICO supporters

Want to learn about ICOs in a fun and entertaining way? Subscribe to @MichaelSuppo: ha makes content that you’ll fall in love with. Videos, podcasts, memes — all full of humor, sarcasm, and useful info. These tweets would be interesting for both beginners and crypto experts.

Nick Szabo – A neutral look on blockchain and trading

Another prominent figure in the blockchain world is Nick Szabo: investor and smart contract pioneer. On his account, you will find a lot of useful info about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, cybersecurity and trading opportunities.


Ethereum investors and everyone interested in the future of smart contracts should subscribe to @ethereum. No useless retweets, no memes or provocative articles — the information on the channel is straight to the point. If you want to be among the first to learn about Ethereum blockchain news, this is the way to go.

There are many other blockchain projects you can follow in Twitter:

  • @Ripple

  • @EOS_io

  • @StellarOrg

  • @litecoin

  • @Dashpay

  • @Uttoken

If you’re reading this article, you already know what is: news, analysis, predictions, and a lot of straight off the ice information. We have a Twitter account, too. Follow @Utoday_en, and you won’t miss a thing.

Check out the list “Twitter: who to follow?” — there are many more useful accounts.

list “Twitter: who to follow?”

Desc: 60 most interesting Twitter account to follow by Crypto Roadmaps

Alt: Who to follow in Twitter?

Bottom Line

Twitter is a treasury of blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge — there are dozens of worthy accounts. Instead of surfing the Net in search of worthy articles, you can follow a few popular channels and enjoy reliable and valuable information.

While some Twitterers express their own subjective opinions (Roger Ver, John McAfee) you might not agree with, other accounts like media and official channels are neutral. The best thing about Twitter is a wide selection of channels — you are free to filter out authors and get the info you really need and like.  

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