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TeraBlock's Exchange Onboards Newcomers to the Cryptoconomy

Wed, 05/05/2021 - 12:44
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Heewon Jang
TeraBlock welcomes new cryptocurrency users to help them embrace crypto trading and start collecting their portfolio
TeraBlock's Exchange Onboards Newcomers to the Cryptoconomy
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Everyone's crypto journey has to start somewhere. Where did yours begin, and how did you fare in those initial weeks and months? The answer is probably "falteringly," as you took one step forward only to take two backward, realizing how much you still had to learn. Like ascending a vertiginous mountain peak, the higher you climb in crypto, the more you discover the distance you still have to go.

No sooner have you learned how to send and receive cryptocurrency than you are having to familiarize yourself with crypto exchanges, order books and all manner of bewildering phenomena, from TA to FA. It is a lot to learn, especially for casual crypto fans who just want to explore the digital landscape and hopefully make some money along the way.

To lend these intrepid souls a helping hand and guide them on their maiden journey, TeraBlock has created a gateway for newcomers who are unsure of where to start. Using some clever tech, which we will get to in a moment, it manages crypto assets on the user's behalf, helping to grow their portfolio with no manual adjustment required.

The idea is that while your crypto education is in its nascent stages, TeraBlock will implement the best strategy for growing your wealth and granting you exposure to the leading crypto asset classes. In the process, you will expand your knowledge while gaining an appreciation of how the pieces that make up the crypto landscape fit together.

Automation for beginners

The automated component of TeraBlock's crypto gateway entails machine learning (ML) to manage a portfolio of assets on the user's behalf. Normally, it falls to the end-user to weigh the pros and cons of various cryptocurrencies and determine which ones to buy. TeraBlock aims to take the guesswork out of this process by enabling anyone to select from simple—yet highly effective—pre-built strategies that optimize for specific outcomes.

This is done via four crypto indexes that are based on total market cap, asset performance, project overview and statistical data. Real-time and historic trading data for each of these indexes can be viewed at a glance before allocating your assets to your preferred index in a couple of clicks. Once you have selected your desired index, the assets it contains will be purchased on your behalf, proportional to the amount you have invested.

Through owning a weighted portfolio of assets, the reasoning goes, you will gain exposure to a basket of cryptos while being spared the complexity and costs associated with purchasing and monitoring each one individually. But the automated investment strategy does not end there: the moment market conditions take a downturn, the algorithm will exit the index and wait for the opportune moment to buy back in. This system promises to save novice users from much of the volatility that is inherent in crypto, minimizing the downside risk while maximizing the upside.

Crypto does not have to be complex

TeraBlock has additional products catered to intermediary cryptocurrency holders, including drag-and-drop portfolio trading. This enables users to select an existing trading strategy or to create rules of their own that will dictate when particular assets are bought and sold in line with market conditions.

It is the crypto indexes that are likely to be TeraBlock's primary driver of new users, enticed by the proposition of an automated strategy that takes the guesswork out of trading. No system is 100 percent foolproof, and an algorithm will not make you stupendously rich overnight—or even over the course of many nights when initiated with a modest principal investment.

However, if TeraBlock can save beginners from the sort of mistakes that every crypto rookie makes—overtrading, panic selling, FOMO, over-exposure to high-risk assets—it will have proved its worth.

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