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Reddit: Top YouTuber Accuses Brave Browser of Violating His Rights with BAT

  • Alex Dovbnya
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    Famous YouTuber Tom Scott states that Brave browser raises donations in BAT on his behalf, without his consent or even awareness, thus violating GDPR

Reddit: Top YouTuber Accuses Brave Browser of Violating His Rights with BAT
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Tom Scott, a famous YouTube blogger, has put forward accusations against the adblock browser Brave, claiming the latter has been behaving unethically if not violating the law.

On his Twitter account, Scott posted a message saying that the browser is raising donations from users in BAT tokens, using Scott’s name without the blogger knowing or approving of it.

Scott also claims that the crypto startup might be violating the General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR) adopted by the EU, since it has started donation campaigns on his behalf without obtaining a consent.

This has been reposted on Reddit.

Brave, here comes Scott

When writing on Twitter about the incident, Scott mentioned that at Brave they have been using his name and even his photo to raise money from viewers. When, reportedly, he demanded that they stop and send the money back to every donator, the Brave team replied with a laconic “we’ll see what we can do”.

Basically, the money collected can be kept by Brave, as per Scott, since the terms the browser makes users agree to state they may just keep the donations. The blogger believes the Brave team gives this service for every content maker on the browser.


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Brave browser is being brave

When trying to contact Brave to ask for explanations, Scott continued, at one point he just stopped receiving replies. This was after he accused them of using his personal data for their own benefit, even though Brave is known to contradict Facebook and Google for the same thing by setting out a campaign against these heavy-weights.

In conclusion, the blogger wrote that he has written his complaints to Brave officially. The browser team has admitted receiving them. Now they have a month to respond in order to obey GDPR requirements.


Meanwhile, Brave browser has given no comments on the situation.

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