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Zoinks – a Risk-Free Bridge between the Crypto and Fiat

Thu, 23/03/2023 - 14:52
Zoinks – a Risk-Free Bridge between the Crypto and Fiat
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Projects aiming to establish a connection with the fiat world are a growing trend in the crypto industry. Imagine the initiative tied not to the crypto market only, but the “real” crypto attempt to fill the gap between the crypto and traditional digital or offline economics. And meet, one of the latest realizations pretending to match the trend, launched on Dec’2022.


The market is overloaded by various farms and similar DeFi’s for the last years suffering from templated approaches totally dependent on “big players” results. What can you get in the wide crypto world for now? - 100’s of realisations of the habitual logic of staking or farming that grow and fell in a similar trend with the Bitcoin and Ethereum or other trending currencies… But the alternative exists - a traditional crypto yield instruments based not on the results of similar working crypto assets, but on the overall results of various assets in the isolated system. How it works – let’s discover in further lines here. 

A hedge fund model was taken as a basis when the Zoinks Hedge was projected. The main point is the wide and reasonable diversification of the system funds between the various yield instruments. The difference is that the classic hedge reports the middle result of the profits and losses ratio to its participants as a profit or loss result. The Zoinks Hedge gives an opportunity for each user to decide how the user deposit will work, creating appropriate infrastructural opportunities inside the system. There are 4 tokens in the system - Zoinks (HZUSD), Snacks (SNACK), btSnacks (BSNACK) & etSnacks (ETSNACK). 

The basic token in the project is called Zoinks. It is essentially the entry point to the project and the way to get other system assets or withdraw your profit, Zoinks is an algorithmic token traded on DeFi as part of the Zoinks/BUSD liquidy pair. It is pegged 1:1 to BUSD.

The various types of Snacks tokens are the main investment tools in the project. The algorithm of the Snacks price formation is based on bonding curve mechanics providing a constant growth of the Snacks price and regulating the correction of the assets.


Each time you mint or redeem Snack it grows or downs in accordance with the appropriate simple mathematical model. There are 3 types of Snacks: Snacks tied to Zoinks, btSnacks tied to BTC and etSnacks tied to ETH. 

Generally, Hedge Zoinks users can earn in several ways:

  • Liquidity farming of Zoinks/BUSD pair provides earning opportunities in Zoinks and Snacks;
  • Getting rewarded for holding Snacks, btSnacks or etSnacks - let’s user hedge the risks of rate fluctuation of stables and BTC or ETH;
  • Staking Snacks - a basic opportunity to grow the assets inside the system;
  • Snacks LunchBox subsystem participation is an opportunity for risk-free reinvestment of the in-system earned assets in crypto trading keeping the initial deposit safe.

Separately we have to mention that the LunchBox is a first try and the basic realisation of a risk-free model bringing the earning opportunities from outside the project. This subsystem not only generates profits, but same time it increases the system liquidity allocating a BUSD rewards commission inside the whole system affecting the liquidity pairs on exchanges as well. Such a risk-free approach is the basis for further developing subsequent infrastructure solutions (IDO, Angel investing, loyalty program and other infrastructure options in future).

The Zoinks Hedge funds are also protected from the negative external impact of financial markets. One more subsystem PULSE, the logic of the inflationary algorithm and Seniorage are in charge of the instant floor price growth of Snacks. To describe the mechanics briefly we can say that the system has various options that are “freezing” a part of the tokens and corresponding assets forever, on daily basis and not depending on user activity. That forms the constantly increasing minimal possible price of the tokens which never can be lower again.

The project was developed and supported by a professional team and has 100% own code and testing base. In the closest days, it will pass the smart contracts audit of all of the contracts and already moves to the implementation of ultra-modern and effective security instruments implementation. The new infrastructural modules coming soon as well. 

In the closest future, the Zoinks Hedge will provide new outstanding opportunities to its users in the field of investing in a wide range of fiat and crypto-based projects and unique insurance options and it will become a base to rise innovative crypto projects.

To stay closer to the project and deeply discover its unique mechanics and infrastructure you’re welcome to join the project socials and close community of existing investors and enthusiasts. We keep going and are glad you to join us.

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