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Stradall Announces Launch of Automotive Crypto Game Trading Cards

Fri, 17/02/2023 - 15:34
Stradall Announces Launch of Automotive Crypto Game Trading Cards
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Dubai, UAE – Stradall, a card game and derivative collection marketplace, has launched its automotive crypto game trading cards as a play and own. A mirror of the real automotive world, Stradall consists of specialists in various ecosystems, linking the automotive, NFT, gaming, and cryptocurrency worlds.


Stradall introduces a new concept that combines trading cards and gaming to deliver a unique platform that rekindles discarded childhood passions and a tad bit of nostalgia. This platform is built on prestigious and iconic cars, allowing users to create their dream teams and garages. Cardholders, as part of Stradall’s innovative features, will receive daily royalties on sales of cards of a lesser rarity on primary and secondary markets.

After a series of fundraising ( currently underway ), Stradall will launch a unique marketplace for buying, selling, and trading NFT cards on the Immutable X blockchain (the first gaming blockchain). The platform will allow users to actively participate in a play-to-own game where they can simultaneously earn and have fun.


The Stradall gaming algorithm integrates over 15 real-world performances and traits for each car. Managers are tasked with managing their respective garages and teams to enable them to partake in a series of virtual car races based on the assets of each card. Blockchain technology guarantees the security and rarity of these cards, meaning that users can seamlessly exchange and use their car cards.

There are four rarity levels per model—Unique (Black Card 1/1), Legendary (Gold Card 1/10), Rare (Silver Card 1/100), and Limited (Blue Card 1/1000). Stradall takes things a notch by introducing the fifth level—Common (Unlimited free card)—allowing gamers to play for free.

To own cards, Managers will have to bid in an auction-styled sales format, and then sell off to other players on the secondary market.

Introducing Metanol ($MTNL)

Stradall has developed a native token—Metanol—that will allow gamers to pay for inter-operables digital assets and will play a significant role in the Stradall Metaverse.

Talks are underway with CoinList to kick off the Metanol presale in Spring-Summer 2023; after that, $MTNL will be listed on centralized exchanges like LBank, Kucoin, Gate, etc. One $MTNL holder will win the real Alpine A110 limited series designed in honor of Olivier Panis (valued at USD100 000), the GP F1 Monaco 1998 winner, and will have it delivered to them personally by Olivier Panis himself.

Stradall Allstar Dream Team

Stradall consists of a team of specialists and experts from the business, crypto/NFT, blockchain development, automotive, gaming, and cyber security industries. Some of which include Victor Faramond, co-founder of MoonPay ( valued USD 3.6 Billions ), the world’s #1 payment solution for crypto; Michael Lee, President & Community of Activision Blizzard, VP of Dfinity; Benoit Huguet and Roman Didier Laurent, founders of the first French-speaking crypto media site, Journal du Coin; and Julius Akinyemi, Professor Blockchain MIT Media, and other equally experts.


With the Alpine and Alpine F1 car brands already signed, Stradall is working to get other prestigious car brands on board. Aston Martin F1, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Bugatti are under discussion, and the car gaming platform hopes to not only bring them on board but to establish long-term partnerships. 

Follow Stradall’s social media pages to learn more about the presale and how to participate.

About Stradall

Stradall is a card game in which players compete in multiple virtual races using cars that are a representation of different automobiles, each with real-life attributes. The idea is to defeat opponents by employing special skills and tactics to obtain rewards and concomitant upgrades. The game features different modes to meet the needs of players.

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