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‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ Goes Crypto: Join BlaBlaGame and Place Your Bids

Thu, 06/02/2022 - 13:33
‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ Goes Crypto: Join BlaBlaGame and Place Your Bids
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In 2021-2022, the GameFi sector became one of the major growing levers of the crypto market. Users are excited about playing their favorite childhood games within the context of a decentralized economy – a pursuit that’s both fun and profitable. An especially warm greeting awaits Play-to-Earn startups that unite the community and have a low entry threshold. One such startup is

What’s it about?

BlaBlaGame is a Play-to-Earn project that leverages a crypto version of the good old Rock, Paper, Scissors game. The results are fair, as guaranteed by the SHA-256 encryption algorithm. 

How to play

Despite being powered by blockchain technologies, the game’s mechanics have stayed simple and unchanged: each player chooses an item (Rock, Paper or Scissors) and the winner takes the total game pot, minus a fee. The starting bid can be as low as 0.10 USDT, so anyone can participate. In the event of a draw, the bids are returned.

In order to start playing, a user needs to join the community by registering with an email address. The game is played with two cryptocurrencies – USDT (Ethereum, BSC and Tron blockchains supported) and BLA. The BLA token can be purchased on the official website during the presale (Round 2 finishes on June 30th).

Players can select different strategies. They can create their own games or join their rivals’ games. Those who want to enjoy passive earnings don’t even have to be physically present in front of the screen, they can put the game on auto-pilot and participate in games created by their rivals. The cashback for wins is distributed every day. 

Ratings system

To make the process more engaging and fun, BlaBlaGame has a Rating system that enables BLA holders to gain points and receive extra bonuses if they become champions. To get to the next level, players need to have a certain amount of BLA tokens in their account and to have won a certain number of games. 

The ratings are recalculated every day, week and month. The best players receive advanced cashbacks, token sale referral rewards and access to Premium channels and materials.

Referral Program

One of the most attractive features for the community is BlaBlaGame’s provision of a three-level bonus structure for wins made by referred players. That motivates players to invite more friends and enjoy more earnings.

Besides that, users earn from BLA tokens purchased by their first-level referrals. However, this is a limited offer, so early birds will skim the extra profits. 

BLA Token & Tokenomics

BLA is BlaBlaGame’s native token, based on the ERC-20 standard. Not only does it fuel basic activities on the platform (bids, rewards, etc.), it also grants holders additional perks. The more tokens you buy, the higher your position in the ratings. Besides that, the buyers with largest number of BLA tokens in their accounts will enjoy:

  • Advanced cashbacks (up to 35%)
  • Boosted rewards from referral games
  • Access to a Telegram VIP Club
  • Access to premium video material
  • Priority when seeking customer support

BLA can be bought on the official website with popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BNB). Any registered user can join the presale. Round 2 has just started and will last until June 30th, where participants can buy BLA tokens for $0.15 each.

To ensure the game’s economic stability and growth, the team has developed a deflationary strategy for the BLA token. Out of the total supply, 70% of the tokens will be available for purchase and 20% will be used to reward referral program participants. The team gets only 10% of the tokens. 


Here’s what makes the BlaBlaGame a trustworthy project:

  • All matches are protected by the SHA-256 encryption, so the results cannot be faked or deleted. All the information about bids and winners is immutable and stored on the blockchain.
  • Before BLA trading is launched on exchanges, the token will undergo a security audit.
  • After the finish of the token sale, buyers’ holdings will be frozen for a year to avoid a massive price drop. That will ensure a sufficient amount of funds for further project development. 

Final Takeaways

BlaBlaGame unites simplicity of use with profit scalability and fairness that’s guaranteed by blockchain technology. This is exactly what users seek from emerging Play-to-Earn projects. The game is a no-brainer: players make bids and climb up the ranks by winning and buying BLA tokens. The more you play, the more you can earn. At the same time, the traditional Rock, Paper, Scissors format has been refined with a highly motivational reward system and extra perks. 

With a low-cost presale, BLA price and minimal bids, BlaBlaGame sets a low entry threshold. The game is available to everyone, so we’ll likely see a diverse community and some truly devoted players. The game will be available in at least 10 countries and the expected inflow of new players could make BlaBlaGame a real hit in the GameFi industry. 

To learn more about the BlaBlaGame project, check out these links:




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