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Lyopay: The All in One Application for your Daily Crypto Life

Thu, 2/09/2021 - 9:12
Lyopay: The All in One Application for your Daily Crypto Life
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As we all know, DeFi acts as an umbrella for most financial applications in the Bitcoin or blockchain aimed at disrupting financial intermediaries.


This has led to various platforms under DeFi, and many new services have been supplied not only on the crypto market.

But there will always be a need for a bridge that combines the decentralized market with classic finance. 

That Bridge is called LyoPay, which has already begun to revolutionize the crypto market by offering quick services and other essential features.

LyoPay platform

LyoPay is not your typical platform; they provide a wide range of banking & crypto services. DIGILYOP APP LTD manages the platform, and they provide a multi-services application that connects consumers to technical resources in a straightforward manner. To promote the corporate ecosystem, they provide services like Sepa Bank Account, Crypto Wallet, Exchange, Debit Card, and all of these services connected together to have an ALL in one Application.

The LyoPay platform encourages the widespread use of cryptocurrency and serves as a legal and secure link between the fiat and cryptocurrency worlds. They also provide a safe environment for everyone to conduct transactions, and newcomers will receive all of their information via KYC.

They are ready to handle the necessity of linking customers and retailers, allowing them to conduct transactions more efficiently. It is a novel approach to an all-in-one marketplace, with plans to expand their services for exchanging, trip booking, a launchpad page, and other services. 

They began their journey as a payment application, accessible via mobile and desktop browsers, to facilitate transactions. They also complied with KYC, AML, OWASP, and European General Data Protection Regulation compliance and regulations to be unstoppable. 


LyoPay is not just a regular platform that provides multi-services to its customers; it is more than that. At the moment, the platform has almost finished with the first stage of LyoCredit. Since their initial public offering on the crypto market, they have attracted many investors. There have been numerous positive rumors, and individuals on social media constantly highlight how LYOPAY performs the most outstanding work. 

Also, following their launch, they are live on BSC Scan with their official Lyocredit token, which is based on the BSC, and the BSC 20 smart contract, which allows the LYOPAY Ecosystem to effectuate transactions. Their token allows you to store the balances of such credits in an account.

The benefit of choosing their token is that it minimizes the difficulty of learning and comprehending different types of blockchains for implementations such as the LYO Ecosystem. 

The Coin has a total cap of 250 million tokens and one primary feature, such as:

  • The Staking Program: People will have the possibility to lock their token for up to 2 years to receive every month a tot. of coin plus what they have bought

The Lyopay platform is a chain with wallets where all persons who purchased tokens during the ICO would receive the token after the ICO stage. After the ICO stage is completed, the token will be issued with a daily distribution in a 600-days unlocking period.

The protection procedure and market distribution will be controlled in this manner. When the ICO phase is completed, everyone will have the token in their decentralized wallet (according to the token distribution contract) and can sell, hold, or utilize it.

LyoPay Team

The LyoPay team is made up of professionals with years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. They work as a group of 150 employed by a group of enterprises. Their team has a wealth of knowledge and will drive the platform forward. 

They are trustworthy, and they have external consultants such as a legal advisor, a business accelerator manager, a product manager, a team performance strategist, and a marketing and communication adviser that you can check on their whitepaper. 

They have the following partners in terms of marketing and technical teams: Nonline, Blockteck Group, Travel4You, Alpha Intelligence, and PremiaDigital.

Their service providers, who take the services to incorporate them into their ecosystem, are as follows: Binance, Kraken, OKEx, and Visa MasterCard Union Pay.

What is next?

LyoPay has seen tremendous growth on its platform and has built different crypto and banking services; subscribers can also access the site via iOS and Android apps.

They provide consumers with the option of instant trading, travel vouchers, MasterCard Card for 50 countries, LYO Credit, Crypto wallet for 15 crypto, and many other services that will be added in the future. 

LyoPay has also added new trading pairs, including ZRX, UNI, PAXG, OMG, LINK, BNT, and BAT. Lyopay now allows their users to interact not only with their bank account, crypto wallet, and exchange, as well as all of the services within but also with multiple exchange trading opportunities.

At the moment, they have reached 37,000 users on LyoPay, and they attract 5,000 new subscribers every month on average.

Now it’s your chance to advance together into the crypto area with LyoPay.

If you want to find more about them, you can follow them on their social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, Youtube.

Do not forget to access their website: LYOPAY

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