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99District NFT.DAO Announces Re-Create: An Industry First Project Combining The Best of NFT, Defi and DAO

Wed, 11/03/2021 - 08:44
99District NFT.DAO Announces Re-Create: An Industry First Project Combining The Best of NFT, Defi and DAO
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99District NFT.DAO announced a new community-driven model NFT+DAO+Defi+Re-Creation. Under this model, members have the opportunity to create their own unique NFTs in NFT derivative projects and gain more benefits through a groundbreaking NFT+Defi model. Strange Turtles in District99 is a collection of 10,000 unique turtles randomly assembled with 250 hand-drawn features, they are as unique as their name. The goal of 99District NFT.DAO is even more unique as it begins to combine NFT craze with the popular decentralized finance (Defi) to create a DAO-centered NFT empowerment to provide one of the best investment opportunities to members.

99District will launch two NFT collections. The presale time of 3D membership NFT is November 13th, 2021,11am EST. The presale time of Strange Turtles in District99 NFT is November 15th, 2021, 9am EST.

The membership NFT will be linked with the ecosystem’s DAO governance, where everyone with tokens can vote in the decision-making process of 99District. A portion of the total supply of the governance token: $DST, will be airdropped, while other parts of them will be available through public sale. The 99District NFT.DAO ecosystem also offers staking services that would allow users to stake their NFTs with $DST to earn governance tokens in return. It is a decentralized autonomous corporation, sharing value by community-driven services and governance. The vision of 99District NFT.DAO is to build a complete NFT industry chain and create the long-term value of NFT.

The project will incorporate a Dutch Auction system for their membership NFT, as it makes way for a more decentralized and fair community by preventing all NFTs from being sold by whales and to prevent gas wars. The plan also includes the development of an NFT big data platform to collect all kinds of data needed for evaluating NFT projects, discovering valuable NFT investment portfolios.

99District NFT.DAO Brings Re-Creation Where Everyone Gets to Mint Their Own NFTs

The NFT mania has hit the roof with numerous new projects hitting the market each day trying to make the most of the ongoing trend without much focus on core functionality. There is a reason that people are spending millions on rock JPEGS rather than very versatile and attractive 3D NFTs being launched each day. The reason is that the real value comes from the core of the project rather than the final JPEG itself and 99District NFT.DAO is focusing exactly on that.

Under the “re-create” banner the project will collaborate with artists/designers all around the world, to create merchandise based on the project NFT, every member holding 99District NFT will stand a chance to participate and create their own "product." The DAO governance would play a crucial role in the economy of the ecosystem and traders can generate value from the rare set of NFTs as well as staking services.

As of today, NFT mania has gone past the initial rage of celebrity collaborations and launch, it’s moving beyond tokenization of historical memorabilia. NFT is building a metaverse which will be a combination of NFT, Defi, and crypto in general. 99District NFT.DAO is aiming to become a key part of this metaverse building. 

A Community-Oriented NFT Ecosystem With Focus on Metaverse and Web 3.0

Metaverse would be a true world of digitization and something out of Netflix fiction, but it is fast becoming a reality, something not everyone is aware of. The Crypto ecosystem is moving at such a rapid pace that most of the common populations come to know about a certain investment opportunity or use case after it has become common. For example, crypto punks and ETHRocks were out there for years but nobody gave two hoots about it, until 2021 when companies like VISA are paying millions for crypto punks.

99District NFT.DAO is doing exactly what crypto punks did for NFTs, it is building a decentralized metaverse of its own where users, players, and celebrities all can come together to become a part of the ecosystem by simply holding one of the their unique NFTs. The staking of NFTs would offer ERC-20 based governance tokens which can be traded as well as used to make decisions in the 99District NFT.DAO metaverse.

99District NFT.DAO members could mint 3D images, music, video NFTs with monthly unique NFTs in collaboration with some of the most renowned artists around the globe. This will make way for rare NFTs every month and also increase the value overtime. The project will also issue surprise airdrops, physical artwork from time to time, this would promote equality as everyone would stand a chance to win unique collectibles that could help them carry forward their NFT journey.. 

Apart from regular NFTs, airdrops and services, a few people in the community will also have the opportunity to get their hands on rarest of rare privileges. The very exclusive club would comprise only 1.9% of the total 99District NFT.DAO community. This exclusive club would receive a community council membership and stand a chance to gain extra $DST tokens in airdrop.

The more $DST one holds the better say they have in the decision-making process. However, the project has been developed keeping the true essence of decentralization and at the core with a democratic decision-making process.

To learn more about the project visit

99District NFT.DAO

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