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Legendary Bitcoin Trader Peter Brandt Unveils His Trading Secrets

Tue, 9/07/2024 - 15:03
Legendary Bitcoin Trader Peter Brandt Unveils His Trading Secrets
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Popular trader Peter Brandt, who has been in the business since 1975, recently shared some of his trading secrets that challenge conventional methods. In a recent X post, Brandt published a list of strategies that he does not use in his futures and forex trading.


Thus, the trader emphasized that he avoids trendlines, most indicators, day trading and taking losses. He also ignores win rates, what his trading peers are doing and the fundamentals of the market.

In addition, Brandt shared that he limits his risk to no more than 70 basis points per trade and does not worry about getting stopped out or getting stuck on a particular market or asset class.

This unconventional approach to trading, which focuses more on disciplined risk management and psychological resilience, has earned Brandt legendary status in the trading world.

Double top or not?

In this context, Brandt's recent analysis of Bitcoin becomes even more interesting. On the previous day, he suggested that cryptocurrency may have completed a double top pattern, indicating a potential minimum target of $44,000. A double top pattern is a bearish technical reversal pattern that often signals a shift from a bullish to a bearish trend.

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However, the trader noted that for a true double top formation, the depth of the "top" in Bitcoin would need to be around 20% of the price, while the current depth is only around half of the required amount. This suggests that while there is potential for a bearish reversal, the pattern is not yet fully confirmed.


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