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Joseon Introduces BlockExplorer, New On-Chain Browser

Fri, 1/03/2024 - 18:25
Joseon Introduces BlockExplorer, New On-Chain Browser
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Joseon, a novel blockchain-based nation-state, announces the acquisition and rebranding of, a blockchain explorer active since 2011. The new instrument will advance the experience of Joseon ecosystem participants., first block explorer in world, becomes Joseon Explorer

According to the official statement by its representatives, BlockExplorer becomes Joseon Explorer. The world’s oldest blockchain explorer will continue operating as a native explorer for the Joseon network. 

This pivot focuses on the integration of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) within a legal framework, marking a pivotal development in the blockchain sector. The initiative is poised to create a conducive environment for start-ups and investors, bringing a major shift in the approach to digital finance.

Through the refresh-launch of, Joseon introduces a legal framework that legitimizes the sale of securities as tokens. This approach not only validates crypto transactions but also simplifies the process of raising capital for new ventures. The move is anticipated to spur a surge in innovation, enabling start-ups to access funding more readily and investors to engage with the digital economy within a structured legal context.

Technically, the blockchain explorer for Joseon blockchain represents a modern block explorer with all of the necessary analytical functionality. With BlockExplorer, any user can check the status of this or that transaction by hash, details of blocks added to Joseon, validation process status, account balances and so on.

All data is visualized through a modern interface that spotlights recent blocks and recent transactions to provide the viewer with insights into on-chain processes in Joseon. 

While the project is in its alpha version under the Joseon umbrella, some new functions will be launched soon. For instance, the team is going to unveil NFTs and Joseon-based token trackers. As of now, BlockExplorer only sees JSM transfers and tracks the details of DAOs activated on the Joseon blockchain.

Enhanced tokenization opportunities for Joseon ecosystem

The decision by Joseon to facilitate tokenized securities represents a transformative approach to fundraising. This method makes it easier for entrepreneurs to reach potential investors globally, democratizing access to capital. With Joseon's backing, these transactions are set to occur within a transparent and regulated environment, establishing a new norm for trust and efficiency in the sector.

Enhancing its platform with tools for DAO management, BlockExplorer is well equipped to support the sector's growth. The platform's features are designed to streamline governance within DAOs, aligning with Joseon's regulations. This makes BlockExplorer an essential service for DAOs looking to navigate the complexities of operating within a recognized legal structure.

DAOs to be integrated into Joseon’s governance structure

The collaboration between BlockExplorer and Joseon is a significant step toward a more structured digital finance ecosystem. This partnership illustrates how technology and regulatory frameworks can come together to foster a secure, transparent and efficient marketplace for digital ventures.

This initiative is expected to inspire further innovation in the blockchain space, attracting entrepreneurs and investors interested in leveraging technology within a legal framework. The move by BlockExplorer and Joseon to integrate DAOs into a formal legal structure signals a significant shift toward a more inclusive and regulated digital economy. 

As covered by U.Today previously, in 2023, Joseon platform introduced a virtual nation-state rooted in the Korean history of the Middle Ages and early modern period.

Joseon Blockchain Ecosystem Introduces First-Ever Virtual Nation-State

Joseon is a continuous state born in 1392 — a dynastic state known for its Confucian ethos and remarkable innovations like Hangul, Korean written script. Joseon has reimagined itself and has been legally recognized as a sovereign cyber nation in the international realm.

Joseon replaces the traditional concept of citizenship by denizenship centered on a personal interest corporation called a "denizen"; it allows a synergy between physical and cyber identities, crafting a new social narrative where reputations are fungible. The state is recognized by Antigua and Barbuda, a United Nations member state.

According to its main legal document - the Code of National Governance - the digital nation-state of Joseon recognizes all languages as its national languages and all religions as official ones.


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