LTC Price Predicted to Keep Rising After Sparking Crypto Spring β€” Five Positives from Litecoin
LTC Price Predicted to Keep Rising After Sparking Crypto Spring β€” Five Positives from Litecoin

IBM Is Preparing a Blockchain Solution For Researchers

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    The patent application from IBM Watson represents a vision of dynamic collaboration for scientists. Using it, researchers can track work beyond institutional borders

IBM Is Preparing a Blockchain Solution For Researchers
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IBM has submitted a patent application for a blockchain system that can simplify the process of scientific research.

Blockchain for scientists

The patent application from the IBM Watson research center team represents a vision of dynamic collaboration for scientists. Using it, researchers can track their work beyond institutional borders. This is another non-financial app of distributed Ledger technology that IBM has been working on in recent months.

This latest patent can be seen as a complex journal of software changes, but only for science. Or, as the statement says, a system that provides a "journal of scientific research resistant to unauthorized interference."

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"The blockchain system can form a blockchain representing a research project, where the blockchain comprises the first block of research data and the second block of analysis data representing a log of an analysis performed on the research data. Summary blocks and correction blocks can also be added to the blockchain representing the post analysis of the research results," was noted in the IBM press release.

Make life easier

The application, called "Blockchain for Open Scientific Research," was first filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in December 2017. The list of inventors includes IBM researchers Jae-wook Ahn, Maria Chang, Patrick Watson, and Rabindranath the Coccus.

There are now limited platforms that allow the exchange of information on research and demonstrate transparent stages of data collection and analysis. They don't have the necessary controls and mechanisms to ensure the reliability of the data because there are few options to ensure the sustainability of data to changes, the patent says.

Not the only ones

IBM is not the only group working on the app of distributed Ledger technology in the scientific field. Earlier this week, the Berlin-based Blockchain for Science think tank held its first international conference. The blockchain-flavored patent is one of many for Big Blue.

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According to data published in September, IBM is number two after Chinese Internet giant Alibaba by the number of patent applications associated with blockchain. In total, the software giant has 89 of them, and their number has been growing in the last two months.

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Stellar Price Prediction β€” How Much Will the Cost of XLM Be in 2019-20-25?

  • Denys Serhiichuk

    In addition to Bitcoin, there are many other coins to choose from. Stellar is just one of the promising altcoins for investing

Stellar Price Prediction β€” How Much Will the Cost of XLM Be in 2019-20-25?
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XLM digital currency is intended to handle a worldwide issue: to build up the monetary foundation for fast and simple payments. The key point of the founders was to build up a decentralized ecosystem that offers both individuals and organizations to make transactions without third-parties and in this manner diminish exchange costs. The new coin showed up due to the hardfork of Ripple, however, after a year, it changed to its own open source convention.

Stellar Lumens is going to implement plans to provide each user with an excellent opportunity to create special tokens that can be evaluated inside Stellar in almost any currency, even in fiat. In contrast to large exchanges, trading in the platform will take place without intermediary centralized schemes. The company talks about creating a new blockchain network with a built-in decentralized exchange.
Stellar Lumens logo

Using this ecosystem, you can also make money transfers. For example, you can create a dollar-token, evaluate it at $1, and it will always be tied to the rate of the American dollar, not XLM. This gives the huge potential for using Stellar cryptocurrency in the real world.

The advantages of Stellar include the following specific features:

  • Users have the ability to create a large number of microtransactions inside the Stellar crypto-network;

  • Low commission rates when conducting even large transactions using network software tools;

  • Full compatibility of the platform with other financial instruments;

  • The chance to use any fiat or digital asset;

  • The coin operates in real-time conditions, therefore, it is completely dependent on the market situation, which makes it possible to predict its exchange rate against the dollar and other fiat money;

  • An advanced cryptographic system is used within the network, which improves the overall security and reliability of transactions performed;

  • Support for automatic token exchange;

  • Based on the Stellar Lumens software protocol, third-party developers can create various plug-ins aimed at facilitating currency operations.

Summary of Stellar Lumens Rate in 2018

The rate of XLM for 2018 showed calm dynamics, with the exception of 2 waves of coin growth. Regarding the first one, it happened at the end of December 2017 and demonstrated a limit of $ 0,88. The cause for this was that the popular exchange OKEx added Stellar to the platform. However, after that, the rate was decreasing over 4 months, and only at the end of April ’’bears’’ started to dominate again.

The second growth took place in July as a result of a few important factors: listing on Coinbase, getting Sharia certificate from the Bahrain bank.

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Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 2019

Most specialists pick to believe that while the crypto market is in a decrease, the rate of the coin will float at about a similar dimension - $ 0,22-0,25. What's more, just for 2019, it is anticipated that the popularity will grow. There could be a few purposes behind that: the interest of serious financial establishments, whose number is increasing step by step.

Huge numbers of the events that happened with Stellar in 2019 are considered as a positive sign. First of all, it concerns the signing of beneficial agreements with businesses, investors, financial bodies.

Stellar also cooperated with Pundi X, an ecosystem for processing transactions. Stellar founders just do not find it profitable but also consider it as a wonderful opportunity for the future. It is expected to use XML as the primary method for preceding transactions with the Indonesian rupee as a major aspect of this collaboration.

The collaboration with IBM, which is one of the world's biggest producers of hardware and software equipment, gave a chance to the technological giant to proceed cross-border transactions using Stellar and turned it into one more potential growth factor.

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Analyzing the goals of the Stellar Lumens platform for 2019, it is worth mentioning one more cause: the coin has chances to be a perfect place for ICO conducting and grab some share of the market from Ethereum. In the near future, the XLM team is about to introduce smart-contracts on its own platform.

The issue is that Ethereum blockchain is mostly written using the Solidity platform, which has similar features of JavaScript. This gives a lot of freedom in writing software code and the great pros of making complex transactions. However, it also opens loopholes for different hackers who write malware for Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency Stellar offers a new language that does not provide such freedom as Solidity. Smart-contracts remain one of the main concepts for the platform, but their overall configuration will be limited for security. Moreover, the founders will not need to hire a professional Solidity employee to work with Stellar.

Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 2020

Stellar logo

Based on the initial plans of Stellar Lumens founders, its future prospects will depend on the number of financial structures that will begin to cooperate with this platform. Information about the signing of a new contract between representatives of the XLM coin and the new company has a positive effect on the quotes of this currency against USD and other fiat money. The most promising partnership contract for this platform was cooperation with the IT giant, IBM, the world leader in computer technology. The first results of this cooperation can be expected within a few years.

If you take into account the positive factors related to the cryptocurrency Stellar, you can count on the fact that it can enter into the number of world cryptocurrencies. Currently, this platform ranks 9th in terms of capitalization.

When considering the forecasts of price prediction for 2020-2025, one should not simply trust economists and surveyors of the cryptocurrency market. It is important to understand that the coin is a volatile asset, so its value is extremely difficult to predict.

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Reasonability of investing in Stellar Lumens

Investors should understand that when investing in Stellar or any other digital asset, one should not to wait for a big profit in a month. This project was initially positioned as a platform focused on the long-term existence and the gradual conquest of the user audience.

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