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HyperCycle Teams up With Penguin Group to Release High-Performance Software for AI Era

Tue, 06/27/2023 - 14:00
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Vladislav Sopov
Their joint product, HyperPG, is set to empower Paraguay to leverage its hydropower for AI computations
HyperCycle Teams up With Penguin Group to Release High-Performance Software for AI Era
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A new joint product by two teams of digital innovators is designed to reconsider the way Paraguay uses its natural resources in the era of AI. The novel computational solution will be mutually beneficial for investors, energy suppliers and end users.

HyperCycle, Penguin Group have entered into partnership: Details

According to the joint official statement shared by HyperCycle, an AI-focused blockchain infrastructure developer, and Penguin Group, a Paraguay-based energy solution innovators, the two teams started a strategic collaboration. They will be working together to release HyperPG, sophisticated software for handling High Performance Computing (HPC) for the AI economy.

HyperPG is the first solution of this type for Paraguay: it is set to harness the country's abundant hydropower resources to perform AI computations at scale.

HyperPG's role in promoting Public Private Partnerships (a modern method of collaboration between governments and businesses) was highly praised by global leaders, including Alexandre Ziad Hayek, the global head of the UN World Association of Public Private Partnerships (WAPPP).

Toufi Saliba, CEO of HyperCycle, is excited by the revolutionary design of his product and its potential to unleash new opportunities for Paraguay and the global economy as a whole:

Securing AI forms the very foundation of our mission. Building on top of years of dedicated research and the cumulative innovations from the vast landscape of computer science, we find ourselves at this pivotal moment of convergence. We're thrilled to propel our vision forward, delving deeper into our partnerships with facility operators, particularly Penguin Group. Once our client, they are now our esteemed founding partner in the creation of HyperPG - a testament to our shared commitment and transformative vision.

HyperCycle allows everyone to become a part of its ambitious AI experiments. Since its public launch on Oct. 22, 2022, over 217,000 nodes were rolled out by enthusiasts.

HyperPG to allow teams and individuals benefit from AI progress

Björn Schmidtke, CEO of Penguin Group, is sure that this collaboration will be fruitful for the economic system of Paraguay and Latin America as a whole:

Our dream is to make Paraguay an innovation hub in Latin America.

Besides major nation-scale goals, HyperPG is designed to bring high-performance computing to the masses, transforming regular mainstream computers into AI-capable devices.

Also, HyperCycle prioritizes interoperability between various artificial intelligence systems, and, therefore, paves the way for Artificial General Intelligence, or AGI.

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