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EOS.IO Daniel Larimer to Implement 'Enterprise Application' Without Tokens

Wed, 04/22/2020 - 11:09
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Vladislav Sopov
Daniel Larimer, CTO of the team, creator of Steem and Bitshares, hints at a new B2B project he is currently implementing. And this project doesn't need tokens!
EOS.IO Daniel Larimer to Implement 'Enterprise Application' Without Tokens
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One of the greatest blockchain developers ever, Daniel Larimer, never ceases to excite the global cryptocurrency community with his ground-breaking ideas. It looks like we will witness his next release related to business-oriented databases.

Databases don't need tokens

According to Mr. Larimer, he decided to utilize EOS.IO open-source software in corporate databases due to its high-end finality (0.5 seconds per transaction) and the ability to work with no tokens involved.

This mechanism will operate in accordance with deterministic business logic and will support the audit trail, the ability to trace the details of transactions. Both opportunities have many benefits for the organization of business processes, Mr. Larimer highlights. 

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It is worth noting that in his recent interview with U.Today, Mr. Larimer mentioned the database capacity increase as one of the crucial development progress directions for EOS.IO.

Multi-chain solution

The new release disclosed by Mr. Larimer will merge the performance of four separate chains that communicate with each other. Within this communication, the messages will be sent and validated across all chains. Right now, Mr. Larimer and his team are enhancing the ways this interaction will be conducted. He outlined his conviction in this approach as:

The future is a multi-chain world!

His Twitter audience welcomed the announcement of such an unusual release. Mostly, commenters highlighted that enterprise-level applications are what EOS.IO software is designed for.

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