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DOGE Founder Bashes Mark Zuckerberg for Creating Twitter Clone 'To Kill Us All'

Fri, 7/07/2023 - 9:57
DOGE Founder Bashes Mark Zuckerberg for Creating Twitter Clone 'To Kill Us All'
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Billy Markus, who founded the original meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin together with Jackson Palmer 10 years ago, has shared his opinion on the new social media app called Threads. It was created by Meta, which was created by Mark Zuckerberg, or rather by Instagram, which belongs to Meta.

Twitter has been abuzz recently after Meta launched its "potential Twitter killer"; many have been criticizing Zuckerberg, stating that he had copycatted Twitter, continuing his company's aggressive policy, which sounds like "if you can't buy a competitor, create its clone or integrate a similar feature into your own app."

When Zuckerberg was unable to buy Snapchat, he bought Instagram, and he also integrated the Reels feature into Instagram, taking away a large portion of users from the TikTok app. Prior to that, he purchased WhatsApp as a potential rival to Messenger.

Billy Markus supports Twitter and Elon Musk against Zuckerberg

Markus commented on a tweet by Twitter user "greg" (@greg16676935420) with half a million followers. "Greg" stated that he was taking the side of Elon Musk, reminding the community that the tech innovator had spent $44 billion on Twitter, ironically stating that "Elon put his blood, sweat and tears into inventing Twitter."

Markus corrected him, reminding him that Musk did not invent Twitter (it was Jack Dorsey), but "he invented oxygen so we could breathe," meaning that Elon Musk claimed to fight for free speech on Twitter, while "Zuckerberg invented carbon monoxide to kill us all."

In his earlier tweets, Markus also criticized the new Threads app released by Meta. For example, he tweeted that "if you delete your threads account, mark zuckerberg will personally come and kick you in the face."

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Here's why Threads app is being criticized

The concerns of Billy Markus and many others, apparently, come from the fact that Meta is well known for its scandals related to disclosing the personal data of Facebook users and to heavy censorship on its social media platforms.

Since Musk, from the very beginning, announced that he is buying Twitter to preserve free speech, which implies only mild censorship - mainly related to terrorists, insulting other users, etc. - Zuckerberg is hardly expected to do the same on his newly launched Threads app. However, Zuckerberg has stated that he wants to make a "friendly version" of Twitter and that there are certain opportunities he wants to employ that Twitter has walked past.

Still, many have also been criticizing Elon Musk for the way he is running Twitter and for his decision to fire a large portion of the staff when he bought the company.

Earlier expression of Musk-Zuckerberg rivalry

As reported by U.Today earlier, the two tech billionaires are planning on having a cage fight. It was jokingly suggested by Musk, and Zuckerberg, in return, offered to send him a location for the fight.

Both are known to be interested in martial arts and practice it at gyms. Elon Musk has even had a training session with Lex Fridman, a prominent podcaster and AI researcher, who also turned out to be a martial arts expert.

Last week, Musk tweeted that there is a chance that the cage fight between him and Zuckerberg will take place in the Colosseum. Now, after the news of Threads app, this initially joking intention of the tech minds to have an actual fight may take on a completely different hue.


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