Crypto Expert Says There Is 60 Percent Chance of Bitcoin Miner Capitulation

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  • It is likely that Bitcoin miners will start unplugging their equipment en masse as the BTC price continues to fall

Crypto Expert Says There Is 60 Percent Chance of Bitcoin Miner Capitulation

Cryptocurrency analyst Charles Edwards has estimated that there is a 60 percent chance that another miner capitulation, the dramatic drop of Bitcoin's hash rate, will take place soon. Miners have to decide whether they want to call it quits or run their operations at a loss in order not to miss out on a potential bull run. 

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In his Medium article, Edwards opined that there was an intrinsic link between hash rate and price. The new price bottom tends to coincide with miners leaving the Bitcoin network en masse. Hence, buying new coins when the hash rate reaches a local low could be an excellent opportunity to generate big returns (as the table below shows).

Potential returns

Hash rate is not as volatile as price. The biggest drop that has been recorded since 2010 is only 53 percent (a world of difference compared to Bitcoin's record-holding 93 percent drop).       

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As reported by U.Today, Bitcoin's mining difficulty, which gauges the amount of computational power that is required for solving one BTC block, declined by seven percent on Nov. 7. However, Dutch permabull "Plan B" predicted that the next adjustment would be positive for Bitcoin based on its growing hash rate.

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